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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

$10,000 giveaway contest

I will pay $10,000 to anyone who can show me the difference, to my satisfaction, the difference between all of turko-arabs peoples, who live in climates as diverse as the hottest countries in Africa and the near east to parts of east europe where it snows heavily yet all look alike and are clearly physically indistinguishable from one another.

Ottoman Empire

Why the same people from Algeria to Iran to Arabia up to east europe all look alike. all colonized by turkey, all look alike, turks killed and displaced the native peoples largely in most of these nations or at least breed them out to the point they all look alike

Is there any better explanation for why all these groups look alike, if so, I'd like to hear it. One cannot readily tell an Iranian from a Algerian or Moroccan turk. And the history is even more complex that the ottoman empire because these turks spread EVERYWHERE and often splitnered off into dozens of medium and small sized civilizations ie.

Seljuks were turks

This shows when they were in Iran because the first map doesn't reflect it well.

Seljuk Turks at their height

Malmuks were white slaves brought into africa and the near east by turks who ended up turning against the turks and creating their own turk/white splinter group

The Barbary Coast was basically the same deal, Ottoman turks brought 2 million white east european slaves into the barbary states, with a total population of less than 4 million. They basically made these countries, white and turk majority during this period. Now some of these blonde hair descendant of slave europeans in algeria and morocco with red hair want to claim they are berbers (free men)/amazigh indigenous people of africa. Sound familiar, ask zimbabwe and south africa. What is it the whites down there always say, we are africans.

Even as late as 12 and 13th century some of the rulers of iran still appear to look black

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  1. Its true, many do look very much alike. But many are lighter haired and taller in the balkans, and shorter and darker in the near east and africa. also much more light eyes in the balkans as well, by > 25% . yes, even lighter than the kabyle berbers. and as for facial features, the balkans groups tend to have stronger features than the arabic speaking ones. pinker skins as well.

    the resemblance you have been noting could very well be predating even the ealiest historical population movements. for example bronze age skulls from oran/algeria have shown mnay resemblance to the skulls of andronovo cultures and various yugoslavian series.




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