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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Modern Egyptians are mostly Turks, and having nothing to do with Ancient Egypt

Well except for the black ones of course.

The White, and White-looking rulers and ruling elite in the former lands of great Black civilizations are not who they pretend to be. In particular those of Egypt are NOT true Egyptians, those in North Africa are NOT real Berbers, those in Arabia are NOT the real black Arabs, those of Palestine are NOT the real black Hebrew Israelite man, those of Lebanon are NOT related to those real black african Phoenicians, those of Iraq are NOT the black headed black skin Mesopotamian's, those of Iran are NOT true Persians or true black Elamites, those of Turkey are NOT true hattic black Anatolians - THEY ARE ALL CENTRAL ASIAN WHITE MISCEGENATE OTTOMAN TURKS!
That being said with the understanding that in earlier times, dorian Greeks and latin Romans settled in these regions: and in North Africa, they were followed by Alan's, Vandals, and Goths and other germans and slavic migrants and invaders. And also in the 19th. century, French and Italians invaded, and settled in North Africa. And with the understanding that when the Turks of the Ottoman Empire, relinquished hegemony over those lands after WW I, they and the European powers, merely handed control over to local Turk-white mix breed elites.

The leading scholar of his day and world renowned Fran├žois Auguste Ferdinand Mariette (1821 – 1881) French scholar, Archaeologist, Egyptologist, and the founder of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Turks Rule Black Lands

"How often do we see in Eastern monarchies and even in European states a difference of origin between the ruling class, to which the royal family belongs, and the mass of the people! We need not leave Western Asia and Egypt; we find there Turks ruling over nations to the race of which they do not belong, although they have adopted their religion. In the same way as the Turks of Baghdad, who are Finns, now reign over Semites, Turanian kings may have led into Egypt and governed a population of mixed origin where the Semitic element was prevalent. If we consider the mixing up of races which took place in Mesopotamia in remote ages, the invasions which the country had to suffer, the repeated conflicts of which it was the theatre, there is nothing extraordinary that populations coming out of this land should have presented a variety of races and origins."

With, an Introductory Note by William C. Winslow, D.D., D.C.L.
LL.D., Vice-President of the Egypt Exploration Fund for the United States
Page 28 

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