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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

RR Reader disputes Shakespeare is black

You claim only fools believe hernanday, is that why you follow me around the website and stock me? Only fools believe hernanday is what you claim, so why are thousands of people on this website so stupid, but only white supremacist on the site like you and lamaworm can see the true reality. Can you explain to LSA why black people and all non-white supremacist are so dumb. Because that is what you are saying. Only fools believe hernanday, but only fools believe the following man was white:

Admit the greatest poet in the history of the world Shakespeare is black

Winnie Mendela - black

Prince Harry, a distant octroon or less black through his grand mother's grand mother queen victoria and her ancestors mainly queen charlotte and king george but generally just considered white

Or confirm you are a psychopath and your weak albino eyes coupled with your strong alboid racism have prevented you from seeing the difference between white and black people. When "white northern european people" have become blacker than black people, someone has to question your sanity 

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