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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

65+ Images Eurocentricks would rather you not see 4

25. Arab Prince

26. Ancient Turkey clearly black


28. Eurocentricks claim this is saint maurice, based on the style of armour and turban it cannot be believed. At this point I am uncertain of his real identity, but you can peruse my why white people hate black people thread where I show Eurocentricks claim nearly over 100 different black men as being saint maurice all of who are clearly not the same man and have the wrong time period pieces.

29. Black man beating white slave

It has been re-worked by modern eurocentrics to make it look like the white man is jesus carrying a cross. But we all know the soldiers were romans and in most probability white in addition they would have worn roman garbe. Its also unusual in a bunch of other ways like showing an islamic-moorish style architecture in the background along with signs of heraldry etc.

30. Black Nobility of Netherlands, probably connected to the orange line

Note the white army being led by a black man as he inspects his troops

31. Black man teaching white

32. Black man with old white slave. Note who is holing the large book and who is probably illiterate so doesn't touch books

33. Black man with turko circassian harem girl

34. Many of the medieval european families were black and used black people to represent their nations, tribes, houses or homelands, along with other things like weapons or flowers etc important to their region

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