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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20+ interesting photos of africans in antiquity 10

Black genocide, black algerians were nuclear bombed, yes nuclear BOMBED by france

This is why the "berbers" look like this

Libyan hero Omar Mukhtar (1862 - September 16, 1931), of the Mnifa tribe, near Tobruk in eastern Barqa (Cyrenaica). Organized and for nearly twenty years, led a Berber resistance to Italian occupation of Libya.

Italian killing off black berbers

This man is the founder of the current moroccan alouite dynasty

How did it become non-black?

Urged by his Circassian mother, the sultan sought advice and counsel from Europe and endeavored to act on it, but advice not motivated by a conflict of interest was difficult to obtain, and in spite of the unquestionable desire of the young ruler to do the best for the country, wild extravagance both in action and expenditure resulted, leaving the sultan with depleted exchequer and the confidence of his people impaired. His intimacy with foreigners and his imitation of their ways were sufficient to rouse fanaticism and create dissatisfaction. In 1908 Abdelaziz was defeated in battle.
Just before his death, which occured June 7, 1894, Muley Hasan proclaimed as his successor Mulai Abd el Aziz, who was then only 14 years old. He was the son of a Georgian Slave, Leala Rekla who was the favourite of the Sultan.
Where is georgia, in the caucauses near to turkey and was probably still part of the ottoman empire back then. I could easily prove most these moroccan royals have similar backgrounds they are basically europeans or central asians or turks massacrading as africans.

Suddenly these red-headed africans make sense
red headed georgians

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