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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The Genetics of Europeans Response to reader

This is what the top eurocentric geneticist says on basically race and white people
SHELF LIFE; Dismantling Race and Unifying the Human Species
By Edward Rothstein
Published: April 01, 2000


By Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

Translated by Mark Seielstad. Illustrated. 228 pp. North Point Press. $24.

He argues that the differences commonly associated with race are purely a matter of surface appearance, adaptations by various populations to the climates in which they evolved. In tropical climates, for example, it is an advantage to be short because that means there is a greater surface area for the body's sweat to evaporate in relation to the body's volume. In the cold of Siberia, the Mongols developed round heads and bodies, thus increasing body volume while decreasing the evaporative surface area.

Mr. Cavalli-Sforza argues that the greatest genetic variation between any racial groups ever identified is far less than the variation within any given population. Racial distinctions, he concludes, are arbitrary

We learn that Europeans are, in their ancestry, about two-thirds Asian and one-third African;

And he is a 91 year old white man. Greece never had a slave trade of black people, greeks were enslaved by turks, when black was enslaved in america, I've been to greek festival where they celebrate liberation of 400 years of turkish slavery. So when and where did Greeks get there 1/3rd black ancestry from. This isn't just some looney old man, he is a top bio-genetist at stanford, he is a eurocentric (like most men his age) but even he had to admit to obvious fact 1/3 of european dna is essentially black.

The reason the other side hurles insults is because like socrates I spoke the truth so they turn against me. imsofull of it just got realize that turko-arabs of north africa are all turks and the original arabs were black. I posted so much sources and dna, and experts in the field confirming it. Her own sources actually proved it. So now she hates me and groans me and follows me and stalks me on the forum just because I proved modern north africans who are not black come from turkey. I also caught her changing the numbers on wikipedia to try to lie and claim that berbers were 99% e1b1b when the actual sources in the footnote actually contradicted her. In other words, I caught her plagiarizing, which is illegal by the way.

I'm not on a blackwashing quest, I just post objective info, I've been accused of blackwash to try to blame black people for slavery or justify white racism. Some people just dislike truth because it doesn't fit into their politics. I imagine if you are a white greek who gives a nazi salute or thinks mosquitos stingy black people means they get home grown food and you are a neo-nazi like the 2 i posted, hearing that your ancestors were a bunch of barbarians and the black people who you hate and think should be deported... create your civilization, I can understand why people hate the information or the facts. If you are a north african or middle eastern and I prove you that your j haplogroup is a turk haplogroup you will hate me because turks are hated bcause they were shamed in the world around ww1. Turks were called the mad man of europe and had all their colonies taken away. Being a turk in alot of the former ottoman nations was like being a black man in 1920 racist place, everyone hate you. Anyone who could deny being turk start to call themself arabs. You can see the other threads for the proof.

Most masters go deep in detail on the hellenes and just glance over the pre-hellenic period but during my masters and ph.d I never seen race mentioned much at all, in fact the images were often so bad and grainy in black and white that the color of the people was impossible to determine from alot of the textbooks. 

Also I was so busy studing, I never really thought of the race it was simply implied they greek or european but it never says they are white but its written in a way to imply it but they dance around it. So you read a book and it will say the greeks came from indo-european expansion. Or the pelasgians came from unknown areas, or arthur evans think that they could have been egyptian but they weren't. This was before I even knew egyptian was black people. When there is proof of black people they ignore it or dance around or call it unknown. They decipher the linear A minoan language and oxford professor who is white prove it is a niger congo language, so did a french professor and american professor. All agree it is black african niger congo. But I don't find it in my text book. Why? I meet the text book compant and they say Because the textbook publishers are scared of offending people. They tell me if they write the truth sometimes people don't buy the book and the shareholders get angry when revenue go down, they don't care hat is in the book jus about the money. When I argue the truth and education they say they about making money and that they get fired if they put things that make sales go down. The tell me school textbook is about offending the least amount of people as possible and that 10-15% of the customer/ school boards would never buy the book if they put ancient greeks were black, so it wasn't worth it. They even show me examples of how they are bad men in history like bad president but they cannot write bad about them because some state will get angry. For instance they say they cannot write bad things about Nixon because California will get angry, or Pierce because new hampshire will get angry or buchannan because pennsylvania willg et angry and every dollar count

It wasn't until I was doing field work and actually seeing these things in real life was it clear, when I see black african man walk infront of me in museum one day and notice that the greeks on the street are all white skin and the ones in the art are darker than african. Most classical degrees do not cover race in classical civilization because its not talked about in general mainstream classical degrees because they claim it doesn't matter. You will not find the word white people or black people or any other racial terms in any of the dozen or so books from my classical degree. Don't believe me go to university bookstore and flip through the pages.

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