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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

65+ Images Eurocentricks would rather you not see 7

3. After 53 pictures I ran out of things to say

54. Slave market

55. Sometimes men teach their harems to play music for them. After all, they have to do something besides sex all day

56. But don't feel bad, they sold each other into slavery so its not black people's fault, and they still sell each other in south east europe today to the turks

57. Notice how the berber women have become white yet aare of the same tribe? This is because white harem or turko harem women were basically taken into the tribe of their harem master. When you have hundreds of thousands of harem masters taking in whites as part of their tribe by the millions what will berbers look like in a few generation?

obviously... white or dark white

58. Note it is clear the arab is PURCHASING, the arabs were known to be BLACK and the artist didn't need to say it, it was simply common knowledge that white skinned groups were not arabs until turks started lying about their identity. You can see another thread where I go in more detail on why just search "sick man of europe"

59. Wouldn't surprise me if that white man was selling his sister for money. Hell she is offering the big bad evil moor flowers.

60. You can see all the arab chieftans are black except the one turk who is clearly distinct in style and dress, just look at his bright red cap, stands out like a sore thumb

61. Bedouin arabs were black

62. Arab Chief

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