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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Ancient Romans 2


  1. I see youve got lucius septimus severus in scupture there along with the "roman boy".
    the *roman boy* is clearly african mixed but i suspect that may be a north african sculpting. as for severus, he looks like a black man there, but it is only one of many renderings. what is the most general appearance of most of the renderings?


  2. Well indeed many of the ancient Romans were black or African and much of the race changed over time. Between 1ad and the 11th century countless white germanic tribes invaded rome and basically turned the country from a black one with a substantial mixed and white minority to an olive one and I do not doubt substantial race admixture took place. It is generally accepted by most Italians that Severus and the severan dynasty was black. I do have a post explaining how the Romans portrayed different races differently and Severus is always portrayed as a black man. Caesar is always portrayed as a white man. Look at the scupltures and you will see how the races are portrayed differently. Ie. the white ones hair tend to lie down flat where as the black one's hair tends to stand up but there are alot of other indicators.


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