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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Why Turko-arab north africans deny their ancestry part 2?

Also, ever seen this toy, it was made as a racist joke at the sick man of europe

A monkey in a fez basically made to insult the Ottomans who were highly associated with the fez as far as the europeans were concerned by the early 1900s the fez was associated mainly with ottoman turks and their balkan colonies and viewed as a sign of backwardness.

This is Caliph Abdulmecid II, the last sultan of the ottoman turks his reigned ended in 1924

He was still wearing a fez. Note he is wearing a vest under it just like the monkey. Now some people might mistakenly assume it is a black person. After all don't blacks in morocco wear fez and vest (yes as a result of the turkish influence). But the cymbal seems to originate in east asia and was brought to turkey by turks and then into europe by the ottomans

It was not until the 17th century that cymbals returned to Europe, in the wake of the Turkish wars. Turkey had long been famed for the excellence of its cymbal manufacture. The music spread by Turkish military bands (Janissary music) was characterized by noisy and rhythmic instruments such as the bass drum, the side drum, cymbals, the triangle, the tambourine and the bell-tree. European military bands began imitating Janissary music at the beginning of the 18th century.

It was not long before Turkish cymbals began to be scored – albeit very rarely – in the opera orchestra. Christoph Willibald Gluck asked for them in his opera IphigĂ©nie en Tauride (1779), specifically in the Scythians’ chorus in Act 1 (cymbals, triangle, side drum). The best-known example of an early use of cymbals is probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Turkish opera from 1782, The Abduction from the Seraglio (cymbals, triangle, bass drum)

The cymbal monkey is just another racist depiction of all things ottoman turkish from a european point of view
-the fez
-the cymbal
-hirsutism (hairiness)
-large bulging eye balls
-large ears that jut out 
-large mouth

When everyone is shitting on turks showing them as toy monkeys is it any wonder that the majority of north africans who are ottoman turks or the white slaves from the balkans brought there lie about their ancestry? White South Africans and White Zimbabweans want to be called Africans.

Out of curiosity, is there no african practice whites don't copy?


I wonder if black people started rubbing shit on their head if whites would follow.

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