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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why are modern North Africans not black (in general) Part 4 Reader Response

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96% E1b1b. You tried tho.

This again, proves that you're a complete idiot.
Genetic atlas shows something very different 
65% e1b1b for Morocco
5% e1b1a
15% J
5% G

Probably reading more wiki vandals if it wasn't you.

Further given how diverse Morocco is having a huge northern european and black population and multiracial population, it is easy to just pick a bunch of black people and get 96% e1b1b. That doesn't represent all of morocco.

Note the Vandal kingdom

Roman Empire

One could just as easily conduct a dna test in harlem

And conclude all americans are black by your logic. 

Your own test confirm that moroccans aren't arabs and lie about being Arab. Hence such a person cannot honestly be expected to tell the truth about their ancestry when 99% of them put arab on a census form while according to you have no arab dna. I also notice all the studies you quote tend to have very small and limited samples and most of them were basically of black moroccans not the white moroccans.

I also would like to add there was a suspicious new user who was recently editing all the dna parts of the article that you showed me, so I view your numbers as not credible and probably done by you.

I have now confirmed it is a vandal.
-It claims
"The Genetic Legacy of Paleolithic Homo sapiens sapiens in Extant Europeans: A Y Chromosome Perspective"
says moroccans are 92.9% e1b1b. I pulled up that study on sciencemag and neither the word morocco, nor berber, nor e1 nor e1b1b appears in the entire article. Further the article is about the genetic legacy of paleolithic homosapiens in europe. No one estimates the berbers as being in africa going beyond the mesolithic era and even that is a stretch.

The Dugoujon et al study claiming berberbs are 95.9% e1b1b is another fraud. The link proves it

``Homogeneity of the Northern African Berber (and Arab) 
populations :

~ 20 % of the sub-Saharan haplotypes in all the populations

80 % of the Gm haplotypes frequency in 
common with Europeans and West Eurasians``

Demonstrates Moroccan berbers are basically white and turk on the mtdna side

moroccan berbers 66-83% european and West Eurasion; Algerian berbers 57.8% european and West Eurasian. Egyptian berbers, 24% sub-saharan, 76% European and West Eurasian
Y haplogroup sharing between Berbers and
Middle East –
Explain why berbers share y hap or male ancestor with turks?

Lets refute the next lie. The studies are accurate for the most part, it is the wiki pedia vandals and plagirist falsely citing sources that do not support their claims. It'd be like me writing that the dictionary said all americans are black and then someone checking the page reference and seeing it didn't.

On Alvarez et al 2009 he refutes it
Our Analysis showed low levels of North African E3b1b-M81 haplogroup in the Pedroches Valley population (1.5%), which is a lower contribution than would be expected. This result rejects the hypothesis of a gradual genetic assimilation of Berber settlers during the Islamic period.

Fadhlaoui-Zid et al. 2004

Fadhlaoui-Zid, K.; Plaza, S.; Calafell, F.; Ben Amor, M.; Comas, D.; Bennamar, A.; Gaaied, E. (2004). "Mitochondrial DNA Heterogeneity in Tunisian Berbers"
Trying to pass of tunisian berbers as moroccans, knee ga please. The study is on mtdna, you quoted y-dna, but y-dna of the berbers doesn't appear in the study.

The mtDNA haplogroup composition of Tunisian Berbers reveals a similar picture to that seen in other Northern African populations (Rando et al. 1999; Plaza et al. 2003), with ∼57% of sequences found in haplogroups of broad West Eurasian distribution, ∼26% of sub-Saharan origin, ∼14% of recent Middle Eastern origin, and ∼3% locally originated in N Africa (that is, U6, although the L3 lineage with a transition at 16041 should probably be added to this category).
So your own studies disprove you, tell us where your West Eurasian dna really comes from? It can't be arabia because they have no unique haplogroups, J1, and j2 all come from turkey

Your own studies proves north africans have nothing to do with arabs
If Arabs in Northern Africa were mostly descendants of Middle Eastern Arabs, the frequencies of haplogroups such as N, U1, U3, U7, and HV that are much more prevalent in the Middle East than elsewhere should be larger in N. African Arabs than in Berbers. However, the opposite is observed: these haplogroups add up to 5% in N. African Arabs but to 10% in Berbers.
From the three Tunisian Berber groups, the Berbers from Chenini-Douiret seem to be the most genetically isolated with a high West Eurasian component in their mtDNA gene pool.
What are berbers doing with a high West Eurasian dna? We have already ruled out the arabs so only the turks are left as a possible explantion.

Cruciani et al 2004

Your so called berber gene
in Egypt, where Berbers are restricted to a few villages, E-M81 is rare (1.9%),

Next study
Pericic 2005
Apart from its presence in Europe and the Middle East, E3b1 is also found in eastern and northern Africa. Cruciani et al. (2004) estimated that E3b-M78 might have originated in eastern Africa about 23.2 KYA (95% confidence interval [CI] 21.1–25.4).
Asides that he speaks nothing of north africans really so its another bogus number in your chart. I do agree that berbers have e1b1b at a high level consistent with the genetic atlas, obviously black ones will have it in higher levels and turko-arabs at lower levels.

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