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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20+ interesting photos of africans in antiquity 8

I agree the original turks were indeed an asiatic peoples or mongoloid people but they came in very looks and picked up differing people along the way. But I should be more clear

Turkic = any of the countries were the turks invaded and still have influence.
Here you can see where they still speak turkic languages

Turkey = nation of turkey

turk = anyone in diaspora of turkic peoples ranging from morocco to china to modern turkey.

-These is controversey whether or not the Turkish people in turkey todays should be considered true turkic peoples or if they mainly just adopted the customs and cultures of turks. Many parts of pre-mongoloid invasion of turkey where inhabited by white people and prior to that black people. This is supported by dna. Turk dna on the male side is basically 
35 % J, indigenous to turkey/caucaus
20% white
10 % e1b1b; black
10% G also indigenous to the caucaus
and the remainder I think is 
central asian ~20%

So yes, that girl might be a better representation of a true turk.

The mtdna of turkish was 30% central asian. I don't recall what the rest was but probably a similar mix.
But turkish people

I wouldn't guess they were not from north africa, frankly turks, turko arabs north african turko berbers, turko europeans and turko central asians all look alike to me. Now there are some black berbers. and white bulgarians. and asiatic turkmenistanis with low turk admixture who look indigenous to their regions.

But the people below could be anywhere from bulgaria, greece, iran, morocco

Could you honestly pick out the turks from the algerian nationals in this photo?

Most objective observers probably couldn't. My observation was many turks in the west look white or dark white and then as you go east you see more asian looking turks but its not always so. Frankly, if you show people an image of an averagr dark white turk and change the word to moroccan 99% of people would probably not notice because they all look alike.

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