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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ancient Egyptian Fraud Series part 1 of 100 Book of Gates Seti I tomb part 2

The libyans wear 2 feathers, 1 going forward and backwards

Modern fulani believed to have come from the area and bear a resemblance to them

Nigerian man.

Well maybe he just got that one wrong, I am sure the Semites were white too right?

Semite in the tomb

The Cannaites were the head band that is white
The syrian is bald headed
The nubian wears the earring
and the libyan is kind of cut off but you can see his feather overlapping the semites hand

Levant mercenary with Egyptian wife, wearing same head band to mark the levant/cannanite peoples drinking bear

Note the head band and how it is the same in all pictures, even the fake. We have the real images of the semites, libyans, syrians, levantites and egyptians and nubians. The nubians were demonstrated to be in some cases lighter than the other groups. There exist no basis that any of these groups were non-black except modern frauds.

This picture is from 1300 bc; ancient white syrians, white lebanese, white egyptians and so on is just pure fantasy. Many of those countries are hotter than central and southern africa, where I demonstrated in my "Why white people hate black people" thread that it snows in many of the modern day black african nations and it can be quiet cold in places like southern and eastern africa. I also demonstrated why they'd die quickly of sunburn. In my nxt series I deal with blonde, redheaded and straight haired mummies.

Here I can demonstrate the eurocentrics smashing semites trying to turn them white
The images on the top are all black and egyptians
The 3 in the right corner seem to be semites.
-One image was completly oobliterated because they smashed it white entirely by smashing out all the colored paint. Likely they tried to smash out the black paint to make it look black but made too many mistakes because these things can crumble in unusual ways since its paint and 3000-4000 years old. This is the image on the far right in the bottom corner, lets call him 8. Number 6 has suffered a similar fate
-Number 7 almost did. His face was smashed out white, but you can see the forehead is still as black as the egyptians. We know he is a semite by the white head band and the hieroglyphs or whats left of it. Semite here meaning from the levant or modern day countries from israel, syria, lebanon, jordan, palestine etc. The original semites were black. The white skinned semites came from central asia and europe and came to replace them and copy their language, culture and religion. Just like how the greeks would come to copy the black ancient egyptians, culture, language and religion and even call themselves phaorahs and egyptians. You can see number 2 was smashed out completly and number 1,3,4,5 had there faces smashed out to the white background. Whites and central asians hated ancient egyptians black people. 
-98% of people in egypt today call themselves arabs, claiming their ancestors are from western asia. So the ancient egyptians were not greeks and romans. So that leaves only the nubians in the south as the true ancient egyptian black people, founder of western civilization.

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