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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ancient Egyptian Fraud Series part 1 of 100 Book of Gates Seti I tomb

Hello all and welcome to my ancient Egyptian frauds part 1 of 100, I go through various frauds perpetuated by Eurocentrics that attempt to claim ancient Egypt was not really black.

In this series, I take on the book of gates fraud

Of the eurocentric liars say this is proof positive the ancient egyptians were not black. They say the nubian is black and the egyptian is a brownish color not black (yes I know a ridiculously stupid argument) and the libyan (one on the far left with feathers in the head with white skin) and Semite (one who is also white skinned between the nubian and egyptian).

1. Black people come in different shades, ancient nubians included amongst the darkskest skin black people. Often they are portrayed in both black and brown skin color

Here are Nubian archers portrayed with brown skin ligher than many egyptians. Nubia was called ta-seti or land of the bow, by the ancient egyptians

2. Nubians are the people who populate upper Egypt today where the dynasty started anyhow. Most of these people are dark skin blacks today.

3. The book of gates fraud originates from an 1800s work done by a french author in black and white, the addition of color to the book is a modern fraud. He never showed color, I seen the original book in french, they are drawn by his hand in black and white, 6 months after he was in Egypt. You can see the modern picture show above is done in modern painting and modern computers, not even by hand
4. It is not on a pyramid wall or artifacts, its is clearly done on a piece of paper of screen with white background. Ancient Egyptians didn't have paper but papyrus which is like paper but yellowish in color and not perfectly smooth.
5. The fact that the picture has no hieroglyphs is the easiest way to prove fraud. The ancient egyptians would have had hieroglyphs explaining the picture, anyone whose been inside a temple in egypt like I have knows this. You never have just random pictures with no hieroglyphs. Additionally hieroglyphs are carved in and then painted in layers. You cannot paint on the rock, the rock must first be painted white, allowed to dry then paint on the white paint.
This is the tomb of Seti i, please show me the white skinned images

This is about the closest eurocentrics can get, Replica tombs (because the real ones are degrading) or vandalized images that have the brown paint scratched off

Notice the legs. Some have white leg and black upper body, or white body and black legs and so on. Either these guys invented skin whitener or someone was vandalizing it. Now imagine if the scratched the whole thing down, then you get a white egyptian.

7. Ancient Egpytians were darker than most black people

Ancient egypt got hot, it would average 40-45 degrees celcius in the summer and still does in the interior. Only the northern coastal region is temperate but that is more associated with greek invasion egypt and not the pyramid builders like khufu and sneferu.
8. What white dude is named Khufu... come on!
9.They claim the libyans and semites were non-black in the picture but its a clear fraud.
Fake Book of gates tomb pictures

Ancient Libyans in tomb of seti i that they claim were white

More white fantasy from Richard Lepsius who says he saw these white libyans in the tomb

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