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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

RR Response to white supremacist.

I have posted pictures and their descriptions, you are angry that I am revealing a history that is different than the heretical history you were taught by your white capitalistic for profit eurocentrick curriculum. Not that I have a problem with capitalism, but I do have a problem with textbook companies who purposely misled children like you into believing blacks were perpetual victims of slavery, colonialism, invasions and sat in mud huts all day until the white man came and taught them how to find a hole in the ground.

The racist is clearly you. You are trying to deny the dynamism of the black race. You want to pretend black was limited to some small regions of Africa and are an angry old white supremacist mad I am revealing truth. 

FACT: -white skin is only 5000 years old, virtually every country on the planet was inhabited before then. Blacks were the first in every country and every nation on the planet and are the originators of civilization pretty much everywhere. It is retarded to focus on Africa solely when studying black people unless of course you have a racial agenda of trying to write blacks out of history outside of Africa. If your going to argue that well we should only focus on countries were black is the overwhelming majority does that mean if there are places in south africa that are now white majority I shouldn't talk about? Should I not talk about shaka zulu because now he is white. Should not talk about egypt and nubia because those people clal themselves arabs?

Race doesn't exist. All people are Africans. The top Euro-american geneticist Cavilli Sforza

We learn that Europeans are, in their ancestry, about two-thirds Asian and one-third African
Mr. Cavalli-Sforza argues that the greatest genetic variation between any racial groups ever identified is far less than the variation within any given population. Racial distinctions, he concludes, are arbitrary.

Indeed, for him the point of studying genetic differences is not to make distinctions but to reveal profound connections. ''The History and Geography of Human Genes'' (1994, Princeton), which Mr. Cavalli-Sforza wrote with Paolo Menozzi and Alberto Piazza, is a magisterial survey of the human past. It is based on a century of data about blood types, protein differences and minute changes in DNA of hundreds of the world's peoples.

White people are simply albinoid black people with a p gene that has gone awry. 

And your claim I post nothing on African people is ridiculous. I have the 3 threads on ancient egypt, 1 thread on grand kushtu, . In fact, had you even taken the time to look below my signature you'd see 4 of my 6 threads I mention are on africa! Noticably you were absent from my grand kushtu and the afrikitics thread, on the greatest civilization ever that colonized the world, based out of an empire in sudan, kenya and tanzania.

The real question is why your desperate to de-blackify asia when herodotus describes 2 ethiopias one in asia (the middle east) and one in africa and named it as one of the great 4 empires of his time. The real quesiton is why you are trying to de-blackify ancient greece and ancient rome when the evidence is so strong.

Your right, africans don't need to copy from other lands, but you are mad I am documenting the black history outside of africa.

You have so much history, but where are your threads on your african village?i don't live in an African village, I've lived in europe and asia and now the americas, if there are black people there should I pretend they are white? Then you accuse me of white washing black history.

First you call me not african then not black, then you call me white, then you called me a "self hating negro" which one is it. This is the problem with children raised in broken homes by single mothers. They start to think like single mothers who are a group of women who already don't have the best judgement and spewing out the stupidest comment that can come out their mouth even when it makes no sense.

Yes but you want to call shakespeare white because he is great, if shakespeare was a robber they'd point to his black face, moor ear ring and moors head as proof he was a black.

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