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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Ancient Egyptian Race Debate is over... the evidence is too overwhelming

d Hawass tested this mummy to try to prove it wasn't black because the dude is an arab anti-black racist like most turko-egyptians. So what do you think they ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. The classical eurocentrick behaviour.

E1b1a does occur highly in african americans. Funny how you got speils on here saying african americans wasn't in Egypt, o really. Yoruba certainly was kidnap and forced into the Americas. And the Yourba sure as heck are the closest to the Egyptian Pharaohs based on dna, e1b1a occurs at 95% in Benin, this is the dna of the phoarhs as late as the armana period in the 1400s. It occurs in african americans at 60%. Angola, 90%, dogon is very high as well.

Notice the double standard. Yourba build pyramids IN THE SAME STYLE, worship the same gods and based on dna are very close to the royal egyptian pharaohs, but they weren't in ancient egypt. But white people with no connection but history invented 100 years ago were, please. 

Most white folks have a serious problem, it is not about facts and evidence as they have falsely lead many blacks to believe, it is something far more deeper and deep seated, it is some kind of psychological condition. The fact that any white could try to call this guy anything other than black simply confirms their deep hatred of black people, to the level that they cannot acknowledge anything black for being what it is, brown , semite, dark white middle eastern, alien, some whites will tell any lie to deny it was the thing all the evidence points to. BLACK.

I guess ancestry dot com is afrocentric now too!

E moves into europe, whites are 1/3 rd black 2/3 asian, sforza was right

Why whites are pushing the race doesn't matter argument now dna proves their white myth wrong? Why did race matter for so long until they were proven black.

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