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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20+ interesting photos of africans in antiquity 2

6) There were some whites in ancient Greece, and they were largely servants to black queens and kings of Minoa, this can be seen clearly from images below from Minoan Sarcophaguses.

Note the black queen on the far right and the two white peasant servants on the far left, likely washing her underwear or clothes.

7) You see when a group of people forged white skin Greeks as being proof of white greeks, they basically admit that these images cannot be dark whites but are indeed blacks

That is why they had to forge in white ones.

8) Arab Queen Harun al-Rashid mother

Was the Original king of Sleeping beauty black? You tell me

10) It was earlier denied that Mozart was black by some clown. Funny, never mind that Hayden was a Moor, but this man

Angelo Soliman or the "black prince"

A cultured man, Soliman was highly respected in the intellectual circles of Vienna and counted as a valued friend by Austrian Emperor Joseph II and Count Franz Moritz von Lacy. In 1783, he joined the Masonic lodge "True Harmony", whose membership included many of Vienna's influential artists and scholars of the time, among them the musicians Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Joseph Haydn as well the Hungarian poet Ferenc Kazinczy. Lodge records indicate that Soliman and Mozart met on several occasions. It is likely that the character Bassa Selim in Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio was based on Soliman.[7] Eventually becoming the Grand Master of that lodge, Soliman helped change its ritual to include scholarly elements. This new Masonic direction rapidly influenced Freemasonic practice throughout Europe.[8]

Angelo Soliman, 3 the "noble
Negro/' an African prince who played an important part in the
social life of Vienna and is never missing from the roll of the
lodge. I have mentioned all of these individuals in order to give
a detailed impression of the Masonic environment of Mozart.





Strange that an AFRICAN prince who spent all his life in europe would play an important part in Viennan social life. Are the eurocentricks up to their old tricks again.

11) This is an interesting image, it doesn't really fit in with the topic, but its interesting so I though I'd add it in anyways,

Produced around 1682
Lines up with the sun king or louis xiv and appear to be his daughters. Louis had a bunch of mistresses. And we already know he was a mulatto himself, so its no surprise he could have both a black and white daughter. I know a family, where 1 son who is half black but just looks black married a white women and the kids look plain white. And the daughter married a black man and the kid just looks black.

12) This was another interesting thing I learned
Abdulrahman Ibrahim Ibn Sori

was a prince from West Africa who was made a slave in the United States. After spending 40 years in slavery, he was freed in 1828 by order of President John Quincy Adams and Secretary of State Henry Clay after the Sultan of Morocco requested his release.

And the Moroccan sultan who freed him?

Abd al-Rahman of Morocco

Sharif Sidi Muhammad III ben Abdallah ben Ismail al-Aji, founder of the city of Mogador and sultan of morocco

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