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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Where does white Greek Art come from

Modern Greek plaster fake from one of over 100 plaster museums world wide (manchester)

This is pretty much the only place white greeks exist in antiquity.

Ancient greeks 600 bc

Modern Greeks 30% sub-saharan african dna e1b1b 

They also show high amount 25%, of r1b that originates in Nigeria and occurs highest there

How do we r1b is african origin despite occuring widely in europe, dr. clyde winters breaks it down for us

The archaeological, linguistic and genetic data fail tosupport Cruciani
et al
( 2002,2010), contention that R1-M173 in Africa, is the result of a back migration fromAsia to Africa. The phylogeography of R1-M173 in Africamakes it clear that this y-chromosome is spread globallyacross Africa and includes the genetic structure of diverseAfrican populations including Berber, Chadic, Cusheeitic,Khoisan,Pyg my, Niger-Congo, Nilo-Saharan and Semiticspeaking African populations (Berniell-Lee
et al
, 2009;Cruciani
et al
, 2010; Wood
et al
, 2009).The fact thatDravidians carry the R haplogroup illustrate the recentintroduction of R y-chromosome to Eurasia.Abu-Amero
et al
(20009) reveal the fact that Dravidianscarry the R haplogroups illustrate the recent introductionof Ry-chromosomes to Eurasia. The frequency of haplotype M173 in Eurasia is as follows: Anatolia 0.19%,Iran 2.67%, Iraq 0.49% Oman 1.0%, Pakistan 0.57% andOman 1.0% . This contrast sharply with the widespreaddistributi on of R1-M173 in Africa that ranges between 7-95% and averages 39% (Coia
et al
, 2005). Coia
et al
(2005) has revealed that no maternal Eurasian lineageshave been found among Sub-Saharan Africans with a R1-M173 profile.Haplogroup V88 has the greatest frequency in Africa. It ispredominately carried by Chadic speakers, ranges between2-60% among Central African Niger-Congo speakers(Cruciani
et al
, 2010). The phylogenetically deephaplogroup R1b is mainly found in West Africa and theSahel, where the frequency ranges between 85-100%among Niger Congo speakers (Cruciani
et al,
2010).The paternal record of M173 on the African continentillustrates a greater distribution of this y-chromosomeamong varied African populations than, in Asia. Thegreatest diversity of R1b in Africa is highly suggestive of an Africa origin for this male lineage.Archaeologic al (Lal, 1963), genetic (Winters,2008;2010a) , placenames (Balakrishnan, 2005) andlinguistic data group (Aravanan,1979,1980; Upadhyaya,1976,1979; Winters 1985a,1985b, 1989) linking Africansand Dravidian support the recent demic diffusion of Sub-Saharan Africans and gene flow from Africa to Eurasia.An early colonization of Eurasia 4kya by Sub-SaharanAfrican carriers of R1-M173 is the best scenario toexplain the high frequency and widespread geographicaldistribu tion of this y-chromosome on the African continent(Winters, 2010c). Given the greatest diversity of R1-M173, this is the most parsimonious model explaining thefrequency of R-M173 in Africa

The white greek theory cannot stand because it defies science, art, and basic history.

Modern white blonde greek who insulted black people who built her country while her ancestors were cave making in central asia

Do you see any blonde stringy headed pink skin albinos in the picture or do you see black people with brown skin and afro hair texture? Do you not understand modern greeks look nothing

Black African Origins Of The Ancient Greeks Parts 1 and 2

By: Dr. Anu Mauro

It was common knowledge in ancient times that the Greeks were a spin-off of ancient and most revered Ethiopians. The Greeks themselves recorded their much vaunted relationship with the ancient Ethiopians heros in their holy books which narrate accounts of mythological Ethiopian derived heros such as
Hercules, Persus, Athene, Cassopia, Andromeda etc.

Eurocentrics know no end of lies. They claimed at first the black ones were the heros. Until I showed all black vases. And what do you make of a society that says white skin = villian and black skin = hero? given most modern greeks have white skin did ancient white greeks believe they were all evil and their black slaves and mercenaries all good? Or does the reverse sound more plausible. Black master view themselves as good and white slaves as bad?

Was there a white paint shortage this year?

They then tried to claim that the white ones were female and the black ones were male, ignoring that black females are present and so are white men with beards. They don't explain why they turn some artifacts from black to white like so

Look at the tip of the hand. She was painted black and they chipped out the black painting but didnt do the hand tip because its difficult to chip that part out

Notice the white/yellowish brown/tan color man with beard behind the black man. The claim of females being white cannot be reasonable in the light of hundreds of beard yellow brown or white figures.

Where are the blonde greeks in antiquity like the modern blonde racist greeks?

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