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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

65+ Images Eurocentricks would rather you not see 2

9. This is an interesting fellow, I am still trying to decipher who he is.

10. Black elite with all white-turko harem

Based on his appearance he is some kind of artistic type, possibly a poet or writer of large prominence, of what specific variety, I cannot be sure at this point, I would need a better image.

11. Black woman of north african descent

What I note of interest here, is where white woman are usually shown as being stoned all the time and smoking hash or lying around all day and being lazy, black women are often portrayed in a positive light. Where white women were being stripped naked in public, poked and prodded by clothed men like cattle, black women have privacy in their homes and look at themselves in mirrors and display vanity.

12. Evidence of race war?

13. Solomon's walling wall, note the skin color of the man

14. Black woman washing white harem woman

15. Moorish bath for a turkish harem girl

16. No race war in Europe, no black royals?

What does that look like to you? Does that straight sword suppose to represent islamic swords that were had atypical curvature? Is that man dressed as a moor? Do moors typically wear pants and dress like europeans?

17. Turkish Patrol, note the several black patrol officers. So much for the black slave argument, would a society that enslave black people really give them big swords and the power to chop of any white man's head?

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