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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20+ interesting photos of africans in antiquity 9

If someone could honestly pick out the north africans, from the turks and iranians and other groups if the names were hidden then I'd be impressed. But we all know none of us could. To me the 2nd pakistan girl look like she could come from africa and the western saharan girl could be any dark white or turkey to me. The Iranian women has a flatter nose thick lips and more "black look" than the libyan or algerian woman.

It doesn't make sense that people in southern libya, algeria, egypt be black from climate but people in hottest nations like arabia and libya and algeria in the same country with similar climate be functionally speaking indistinguishable from white or indistinguishable from modern turk people with just a 10% drop of black blood in them.

This would explain it

Turks are asian, but you can see not too asian looking either.

This is when and where these white berbers really poored into north africa

white fantasy

black reality

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