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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Wikipedia's egypt race theory cannot be accurate

The place is overrun with white race trolls

Frank Yurco later continues with explaining the hair texture of Upper Egyptians Coptics and Muslims:

Finally, the posters have lurched into the truth on the issue of who the ancient Egyptians were. Yes, Upper Egyptians, Copts and Muslims alike are dark complexioned, and their hair varies from wavy to kinky. Certainly, in the ante-bellum American South, they would have been classed with the other Africans who were enslaved. That ante-bellum southern image is still common in the United States, where if you have any African ancestors you are classed as "b;ack". Yet, how screwed up the Americans are is evident by how the census bureau deals with Egyptians who migrate to the United States. They are classed as "white" no matter how brown they appear!!!
Most sincerely, Frank J. Yurco University of Chicago -- Frank Joseph Yurcofjyurco@midway.uchic
Among the foreigners, the Nubians were closest ethnically to the Egyptians.
The evidence regarding these features of ancient Egyptians comes from literature, anthropology, mummies, sculptures, paintings andinscriptions—all left by the ancient Egyptians themselves.For example, the mummies and skeletons of ancient Egyptians indicate they were Africans of the Afro-Asiatic ethnic grouping (theterm “Afro-Asiatic” has displaced the less accurate designation “Hamitic”). This is the population of northern Africa, the Shara andsub-Sahara regions. Their physical features vary as described above. No doubt, many darker-colored Egyptians would be called black in our modern race conscious terminology.
DNA studies that are peer reviewed do not support wikipedia's claim

Turko-euro -egypto-Copts of today have nothing to with the ancient, but black sudanese copts may have been their in antiquity. Further modern euro-copts are not even true copts as their ancestors weren't copts according to egyptians own historians no one spoken or understood it by the 10th century. How then can you have copts 1000 years later? No one can prove these liars are copts.
-I already disproved in part 1 and 3 the lies and fakes and how there was little difference in appaearance of the nubians and Egyptians.

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