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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Ancient Egyptian Fraud Series part 2 of 100: "Mummies"

Hello all and welcome to my ancient Egyptian frauds part 2 of 100, I go through various frauds perpetuated by Eurocentrics that attempt to claim ancient Egypt was not really black.

In this series, I take on the white mummies fraud

Eurocentrics make the most openly ignorant claims that often defy base logic. 

They insist these ancient egyptian black skin mummies are white

King tut

The yellow haired mummy who is suppose to be proof of whites in ancient egypt.They ignore that he has a big yellow splash on his forehead that is not hair and that white yellow haired people normally have big splashes of yellow henna on their forehead. This mummy had some type of yellow dye mixture poured over him, its not clear if it was done in ancient or modern times. There is a lack of other such mummies except 1 other that i hav e seen, which could indicate modern germanic vandals did it. But it is also possible the ancient who prepapred his body got creative or that was his wish. No blonde person today has hair like that, it is clearly not natural which is confirmed by the splash of paint over his face and forehead region. it should also be mentioned that yuya the golden headed mummy was not a royal nor did he rule egypt. Neither was his wife thuya up there. These are the parents of queen tiye

Queen Tiye Mummy

Because Blonde people always have black haired kids. Although the hair is a wig, it is BELIEVED to be made of her own hair and only still exist because of the mummification process. Also some female mummies kind of have a whitist tinge to their clearly black color. I am not sure if they emballed them differently, or wrapped them differently, or used different chemicals or were unwrapped differently but it can be seen.
ie below is king tut

You can see the other mummy has some kind of whitist material infused or put over it. Not be the expert of Egyptology makes it difficult for me to determine (as my expertises is middle east outside of egypt like iran, iraq, syria etc.) but it can clearly be seen

None of the golden headed mummies are depicted anywhere else wth golden hair but always with black hair. 

She was a princess and a queen of egypt, she married her brother, the pharoah ahmose i during the 1500s. They ruled from thebes.

Akhentanens daughters

Do they look white to you?
Two Princesses [Egyptian] (1985.328.6) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A mummy that even the most ardent eurotard would have to admit was black.

*Note some mummies do have red/brown and/or straight hair which is a result from the chemicals used during the embalming process which were often highly basic type of alkaline type substances. Alkalinies are used today for hair straightening. Over use, or leaving it in too long can actually have the effect of stripping down the hair giving it a red/brown appearance. The above mummies hair is not so because it did nto appear to be wrapped during the mummifactions process. Also note that some of the blonde mummies have red patches in otherwise black skin, that likely was the work of the chemicals. Further add to that mummy tombs normally were flooded when the nile flooded over history and during great storms youhave some harsh conditions. King Tut is famous for NO other reason than his entire family's tomb was flooded after he was buried, a giant rockslab went up against the entrance to his tomb pushed by the flood water and was then covered in sediment as we are talking floord river water here. This actually sealed off his tomb in such a way that grave robbers who basically robbed out his whole family tomb, did not see nor notice or uncover that king tut tomb was behind a giant slab that was assumed to be wall until fairly recent discovery by archaeologist. So now you have water and alkalines on the mummies, your basically giving them an ancient perm.

Some of the Egyptian mummies can take on what seems to be like white in their complexion, but this is usually either a type of substance like ash to preserve the skin rubbed on the mummy, bone or the white colored wraps of the mummy infusing to the skin over thousands of years. The below picture is a good example

*Some whites try to claim this mummy has red or blonde hair, I certainly do not see it, under this photo conditions, but Ramses II lived to be somewhere between 90-110 depending on the source, and the only color of hair (if one even has any hair left at that age) one is going to have is grey/white unless it was somehow altered through chemicals (or henna which was very common for ancient egyptians to use in their hair which is usually either yellow or red anyways) most likely after his death because by age 89 people usually stop dying their hair.* And since the Pharaohs and ancient egyptians in general usually wore their head bald, it seems unusually that if this even is Ramses II but we are suppose to just take proven liars word for it. Even at that, Pharaoh or not it is clearly a black skinned individual.

But none of them can explain why white egyptian mummies have black skin or african hair.

Now, I know what you are thinking, how can you tell the skin color of a mummy just by looking at it, how do you KNOW they aren't white. Have you even seen a white SKINNED mummy? I have. In Northern China they found mummies, as well mummifaction also occured in south america prior to the arrival of colombus. some of these groups were white SKINNED peoples. Not white race, but have white skin and straight hair.

You will see in part 2 that white mummies do not look black

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