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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

The True Arabs were black

Arab is not a racial designation. There are white, black, mongoloid and multiracial arabs. Arab is an ethnicity kind of like hispanic in america.


Native black Jordanians


-Also note that black women occasionally do pop up every now and then in these type of images
-Also note the turban appears to be African in origin as far as I could find. The first examples of turbans I could find as firmly documented was in mali. But
The first mention of turbans dates back to the end of the fourteenth Century, at the end of the Moorish occupation in Spain

It would be quiet odd that the Eastern Romans would not have documented muslims with turbans given their extensive historical records and descriptions of invaders if they did indeed have turbans.

Anyhow, the arabic culture and language are all black african in origin.

Non black arab men are not usually portrayed as well... black. There are some white arabs or non-black ones but they usually don't look black nor have dark skin. And this is because well, whites don't look like blacks

The arabian gulf is full of black people from Kuwait, Iraq, United Emirates to Saudi Arabia. Those Black people are often indigenous to the Gulf. There are prominent aboriginal black gulf arabs, in places like United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. Even today, many senior members of the Kuwaiti Royal family are black Kuwaitis

Black Emir of Kuwait
Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salim Al-Sabah

Saudi Royal Prince aka Bandar Bush (for his cose relationship with George W Bush)

Other black Saudi

Most of the arabian gulf arabs including the Kuwaitis are dark in colour. The arabs that are paler complexioned are arabized people. They consist of Syrians and Lebanese and Jordanians who moved into Kuwait in the Islamic era. They are not seen as the true arabs and many of their ancestors are mixed with ancient Romans and Greeks.

Due to the political agenda of the western world, and the gullibility of the global mass media consumers, the face of the pale arab has come to represent the archetype of today’s arab.

Top Imam in Mecca and the world at islam's most holy cite. He is not descendant of slaves but from the central tribes of arabia and some black gulf arab ancestors

The myth of blacks not being arabs is like the myth of blacks not liking rock and roll or jazz. Blacks invented rock and roll and jazz and the fields or sub-cultures were basically swarmed by non-blacks and now when you go to a jazz or rock festivals blacks are a small minority. 

Hell BET is even trying to tell people Eminem is the greatest rapper of all time. Its only a matter of time before white Americans just steal all of black culture and start calling themselves the true black people. After all they already steal how you dress, dance, move, sing, they already try to call bill clinton the first black president. Funny how there are all these honorary blacks but no honorary white-black people.

Black people are the most inventive, when white stole rock or jazz they just created something new. And when indo-iranian-aryans or white iranians invaded the arabian pennisula followed by their turko white co-conspirators they came in and usurped the black arabic culture, language, religion

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