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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

20+ interesting photos of africans in antiquity 3

Modern moroccan royals

Red headed pink skin Turks Ain't fooling anyone.

13) Canaanite God Reshef

14) White Canaanites
A supply ship. On deck, the captain is haranguing a crew of Canaanites. Painted wood, 12th Dynasty (2000-1785 BCE), Middle Kingdom, Egypt.

National Maritime Museum, Haifa, Israel

Only a deluded person would think such people were black and not truly blonde hair blue eyed white skin secret dark whites

15) Arab king Saladin portrayed as a black man

Recall this is shortly after viking rule in England came to a close. The vikings called black people blue people or blamenn and often tended to portray blacks as blue. This gives some insight on how they viewed saladin and arabs as a whole. Nevermind virtually all the moors are portrayed as black but even the arabs are portrayed as such in north europe. Whether its accurate or not is another question, the painter may not have even saw Saladin, but it was obvious people associated arabs and muslims on a whole with black people in europe.


The capture of Acre, 1191. Crusaders, led by French King Philippe II August, capture the city of Acre (Akko,Israel). Saracens hold up their hands and plead for mercy. From "Chroniques de France ou de Saint Denis". ID: Roy 16 G VI, fol.352 verso.
Note the black or blue black color of the king you can see through the cross holes in his helmet that his skin is not white but him and his knights are clearly black skinned men/women or people.


Smiting god, probably Reshef or Baal, from Megiddo. Bronze figurine, Canaanite

Israel Museum(IDAM), Jerusalem, Israel
They cannot often tell the difference between Reshef and Baal, both are clearly black men

Bearded Canaanite. Painting on a jar (fragment) ca. 1600-1200 BCE Inv. 1000

Israel Museum(IDAM), Jerusalem, Israel

Moorish king of Granda clearly a black man

Execution sans jugement sous les rois maures de Grenade. Execution without trial under the Moresque Kings of Granada
20) More dark white clearly non-black asiatics in ancient egypt

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