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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Ancient Greeks were white

Is this how white people look?

Here is a white being killed by a black greek

Black greeks going to war with each other, as they often did in city states
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The antelope are white, the people are black, eurocentrics cannot explain this. Greece was COLDER in antiquity because of the end of the ice age and global warming in the last few hundred years. It should be impossible for white skin greeks to exist today if they were there in antiquity based on eurocentric claims. They claim whites came to egypt and became dark whites. So if they were in greece why didn't they become dark whites there. And if they did, why did they stop becoming dark white and just ended up regular white today?

white Greeks were slave to black attendants of the black queen that is why they are so far away from the queen.

Is this white greek?

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