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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

65+ Images Eurocentricks would rather you not see 8 + RR

At first they don't seem that european, certain things are European and allow us to conclude this. 
-The head gear is unquestionably European
Where do you think this spike hat called a Pickelhaube comes from?

-The shield also shows a european influence because it is round whereas the africans tened to use oblong or square or irreguar triangle shield shapes
-The gun as well appears to be very european and one of the late 1700 or early 1800 types
-the straight sword design is more typical of european than arabic or african influence
-the vambrace or forearm guard is typically roman
-Also note on his head chain mail worn on the head is indicative of eastern europeans who tended to be the last group to abandon it

White supremacist don't need ammo, they just make it up when they have none anyways. There is nothing I showed here that white supremacist DO NOT KNOW. Why do you think they hate blacks so much already because they know all this. Actually if you read what I post, whites sold whites into slavery so its all cool, its not blacks fault. Thats how I see it. Most these white harem hos got better treatment from blacks than whites, the same cannot be said of the other way around.

Frankly, I never really thought of it as a black men have a lust for white women. I saw pictures where black men were conking white slaves in their head who were men. I never really thought of it from the angle your pitching, but these portraits are all over museums in the world.
What is a pawgs?
But I see black women with white women too.

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