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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Why are modern North Africans not black (in general) Part 5 Reader Response

You were caught falsyfing wikipedia sources that actually contradicted your claim, I quoted specifically from the sources showing you were wrong, you then turn around and act like a typical angry sheboon howling at the top of your baboonoid lungs calling me stupid and showing pictures of sheboons rolling their ghetto eye balls. The fact is you were proven wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt. There is nothing left for me to say here really because dna proves that the non-black berbers are turko-arab turko-berber imposters.

nly someone as stupid as you would ignore that all J haplogroups originate in turkey. There is no point in further discussing this with you. You lack basic reading skills or are probably some white supremacist with an agenda to claim everyone as white or dark caucasoid so it would be necessary as a prerequiste for you to be an expert in ignoring facts or faking wikipedia pages.

You are so stupid you cannot distinguish a clade from a sub-clade. You are so obtuse and deficient in erudition that you do not even know turkey is part of the caucauses. Debating you is like debating someone who thinks they know about Europe but thinks Germany is part China or France isn't a part of Europe. I am convinced you have a thick rigid brow line and low slopping forehead, common attributes of a low level thinking inbred hirsute.

The only accurate comment you made is that white skin arabs are descendent of slaves.

Originally Posted by ImSoFullOfIt the She Baboonoid View Post
[1]J originates from the arabian peninsula

[2] Possible time of origin 31,700 ± 12,800 Years Before Present Semino 2004 Possible place of origin Arabian Peninsula
[3/4]- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 Ancestor IJ Descendants J-M267J-M172 Defining mutations 12f2.1, L134, M304, P209, S6/L60, S34, S35
Western Asia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[6]where is turkey, you big dummy?

1. It doesn't say arabian pennisinula, and you were already caught falsyfing wiki before and your own source proved you wrong. Also wiki offers no source for its claim mean anyone probably you could type in west asia. It says West Asia and that includes Turkey anyways.
2. I already showed all of J comes from turkey, both j1 and j2 which are the two sub clades they test for. Your argument is a very poor one. Your trying to say J1 and J2 are turk but J is arab. Your own source claims its at least 12,800 years old but the first semites in ethiopia are only 10,000 ybp.

In otherwords by your logic, arabs and semites predate their own language 2,800- 20,000+ years, an obvious flaw in your theory.
3. Seminol 2004, does not mention "J-P209" so again your proven using plagiarized sources, keep it up and I'll report you to the police.
4. Note your own source about arabian pennisula, half the article is about the ottoman turk empire

That is the GEOLOGICAL definition of it. It includes both africa and turkey. Again your own sources disprove you
5. I am convinced you just typed words and linked articles you didn't know the meaning of because you lack the reading comprehension skills to understand scientific data. I already proved that both the j1 and j2 or jm267 and jm172 were originally from turkey as all of j. Thus you providing evidence that I already refuted only shows your deep ignorance on the subject you attempt to argue in.
6. Turkey is the country in West Asia, where the article says 2 of the 5 largest cities in West Asia are in turkey (istanbul and ankara)
United Nations Statistics Division[edit]

Regions of Asia described by the UN:
North Asia
Central Asia
Western Asia
South Asia
East Asia
Southeast Asia
Eastern Europe
The countries and territories in the UN Subregion of Western Asia,[12] listed below:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
the exact article you linked to me

turkey is one of the countries in green showing parts of southwest asia jutting out into the med and beside syria and adjoing the other caucuas states

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