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Monday, 10 February 2014

African Kingdoms black history

Exactly, he did not look at the PEER REVIEWED studied that supported all the historical statements I made on page 2, he did not look at the art, he did not read it was the WHITE SCIENTIST AND INVESTIGATORS who unearthed and excavated the Sumerians and Elamite sites who FIRST SAID THEY WERE BLACK. Its is not a revision, no one denies it except people like him, even modern iraqi and irani scholars agree they were black, the images in their art are blacker than most africans. These are people who insist blacks never crossed the sahara but completely ignore

Kanem Bornu


Mansa Musa from Mali travels to saudi arabia with 100,000 people on the hajj

If I were to even talk about how the Malians history that they arrived to the americas before colombus then I'd be a liar in his eyes. But the viking, and chinese can say it but it is cool because they are not black. The dude is just a plain out and out racist. Probably bitter over me exposing

Hercules killing white people, a common greek theme which more can be seen over at my thead why white people hate black people.

He wants me to focus on africa, but when I study Kush, inevitably one is lead to this

In other words, he is asking me to do the equivalent of focus on england but ignore colonialism and foreign wars and all the interesting stuff. By his logic I cannot pick up the bible because it says kush son nimrod conquered the whole world.

I should ignore al qushnotta in iraq which means people of the bow. I should ignore kish and kesh and qevs of iran which are the same people. I should ignore that istanbul was called kushtanniya or that the word turkish in turkish means
tur = race
ksh - kush
race of the kusheeitic people.

I should ignore that ancient turksh spoke hattic a linguistic cognate of kusheeitic.
And he says I should only focus on africa but no clear reason is provided. modern day egyptians, moroccans, tunisians, libyans and algerians are majority non-black. Even the sudanese from north sudan are calling themselves arabs. So by his logic I should conceed the ancient nubians were white. We got somalians on here saying they ain't black, so can't talk about them either. and whites tell me that the tutsi are secret whites and great zimbabwe was built by closest whites and fulani and yoruba aren't true black but dark white. So I don't know where in Africa can anyone research according to the people who tell us that no where is black.

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