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Monday, 10 February 2014

Afrocentrism is not the reverse of Eurocentrism

-My next major post may deal with the arabs. There is a myth around there that these turko-arabs (white or caucausian or caucasoid non-blacks) who copied the language, culture and religion of the original black arabs are true arabs. These fools forget they are speaking arabic which is an afro-asiatic (African languages spoken throughout asia which includes most north and east and even many west african languages) not hindi or farsi or some indo-european language. Those turko-arabs are as arab as Kunta Kente is Anglo-Saxon. I call these people turko-arabs because they are turk and turkish people who on independence from the ottoman empire and when the ottoman's empire was broke up at end of ww1, they woke up and became arab because ottoman culture became the pariah of the world
-No explanation is ever given why a very sparsely populated place like arabia could populate 300-500 million people today but Genghis Khan with the largest continuous land empire on the planet could not turn poland or iran or turkey from caucasian to mongol
-No explanation is given why in the hottest region in the planet with the consistently highest uv, the people are too often white skinned, particularly the ruling elite. Don't believe me go look at the saudi royals, they are white skinned than most american southerners or south african whites (who are largely of dutch and english descent)

Thanks Sassy. The turko-arabs and central asian albinoids and anti-africans fail in numerous crucial areas
-Mistakenly calling me afro-centric when an afro-centrism centres and focuses on the study of africans. I do not necessarily do this, in fact a black poster got mad saying I don't talk about africans in africa enough
-Falsely equivocation of afrocentrism and eurocentrism and essentially accusing me of that falsely equivocated meaning

Afro centrism

centered on or derived from Africa or the Africans
: emphasizing or promoting emphasis on African culture and the contributions of Africans to the development of Western civilization
centered on Europe or the Europeans; especially : reflecting a tendency to interpret the world in terms of western and especially European or Anglo-American values and experiences
webster dictionary

It doesn't take a genius to see these are not two sides of the same coin. An afro-centric may just focus on kingdoms of Nigeria from 1600-present. A white man from Ireland who focuses on Irish history from 1600-present may not necessarily be a eurocentric. Eurocentrics interpret the world differently, they are not just historians but rather a fringe group who see white people everywhere in history where none existed, they create museums full of fake art in their top universities.

dictionary.reference .com

centered on Africa or on African-derived cultures, as those of Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti: Afrocentric art.

centered on Europe and Europeans.
considering Europe and Europeans as focal to world culture, history, economics, etc.
And by europeans they mean white albinoid central asians. The two are fundamentally different. If you are a brazilian or cuban or haitian and focus o your culture your afrocentric. Eurocentric isn't some guy in the Czech republic teaching about Austria Hungary. Eurocentric is viewing whites as focal to world culture, history, economic etc. And they do this by insisting whites created all the civlizations in history and culture in antiquity invented by blacks.

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