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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Colombus was white but the man who found America was black... Pedro Alonzo Nino

cristobal colon or christopher colombus as you call him was white. His navigator and the pilot of the Santa Maria ship Pedro Alonso NiƱo was a black Spaniard born in Spain.

I'm not an expert on the americas per se. It would probably take a 3-6 months just to go through all the evidence, then another 3-6 months to go through the counter evidence. Unlike you eurocentrics, I actually look at evidence in many disciplines ranging from dna, linguistics, history etc. Which is why I, unlike you, don't just jump in and make broad assertions I cannot prove nor refute the critics and skeptics. I know Dr. Ivan Van Sertima has done good work on they came before colombus. And I know there are peer reviewed articles showing blacks in pre-colon meso america. I have not really take a position on the olmec/aztec race debate yet.

As for ancient russians, well sungir man, konsteki man and the first man in europe according to the scientist in article that can be found on that I posted show the first europeans and russians were black. And I thought I saw you in my thread where I talked about feodor?

And like the typical bafoon you assume I am black, despite me having references from white people who say the exact same thing as me in published works. If I am black because I believe in facts and evidence rather than broad racial conjecture or disproven scientific racism then s be it. The world is more mixed up than you probably believe.

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