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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dna and linguistics proves the original Arabs were black Africans

Often we debate about arabs, but without knowing who the arabs are it becomes a questionable debate. The arab league defines arab as a linguistic and cultural group. It has nothing to do with race. Hence when we start saying mixed with arab or arabized, or arab genes, its a misnomer. The non-black people we often call arabs are really turko-arabs, people of turkish descent who usurped or stole the arab language, religion and culture from the original black arabs during the ottoman and various splinter turkic empires of the near east.

turks colonized egypt for 800 years. Arabs did have little genetic impact on egypt so you are right.

The J haplogroup has been attributed to arabs, but it originates 45,000 years ago in the near east with early out of africa migrations, more than 35, 000-40,000 years before white skin even existed. Tujrko-Arabs according to thw white are dark skin white people who share a common white skin ancestor but moved to the hot middle east and became dark skin. These peoplein 45,000 ybp would still have been black given the hot climate of the near east.

This is why they insist ancient egypt was white blonde people, not dark white, because even the most deluded eurocentric would recognize its not enough time between when whites began to when Egypt began for white skin to undergo the mutations required for it to be dark.

Does it make sense that Arab dna is low throughout much of the arab nations but highest in sudan at that dark green dot? Does it make sense that the arab dna occurs at a higher frequency in dark skin black sudan over egypt or morocco. Does it make sense that Turkey is 35% J if J is arab but turks are not arabs but Morocco who is 99% arab is only 15% J? Arab is not a race, it'd be like people who are 15% black according to dna claiming to be black.

Its a culture and a language, turko-arabs are in denial of their true turkic hitory. They are self hating turkish people.

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