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Monday, 10 February 2014

Iranians and Iraqis have East Asian Admixture, Response to reader

How could Iraqis be "iraqi" when iraqis didn't exist?
-Semite is a linguistic classification. Its like saying someone is english speaking, most english speakers aren't even white but probably indian
- If they are in fact arabs as most iraqis claim, then they couldn't be their in ancient time because we all know the arabs came with islam. So
-I agree that the ancient iraqis looked like the millons of modern black iraqis in southern iraq and I also agree they looked like the ancient southern black iranians in ancient iran
-Modern middle eastern people have no ancient civilizations, they were barbarians and savages and were occassionally civilized by whites like the ottomans and blacks. But otherwise just eat mud cake
Yeah because chinese/mongoloid people were never in Iraq

The Ilkhanate, also spelled Il-khanate (Persian: ایلخانان‎, Ilkhanan; Mongolian: Хүлэгийн улс, Hulagu-yn Ulus), was a breakaway state of the Mongol Empire, which was ruled by the Mongol House of Hulagu. It was established in the 13th century and was based primarily in Persia as well as neighboring territories, such as present-day Azerbaijan, and the central and eastern parts of present-day Turkey. The Ilkhanate was based, originally, on Genghis Khan's campaigns in the Khwarazmian Empire in 1219–1224, and was founded by Genghis's grandson, Hulagu Khan. In its fullest extent, the state expanded into territories which today comprise most of Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, western Afghanistan and southwestern Pakistan. The Ilkhanate initially embraced many religions, but was particularly sympathetic to Buddhism and Christianity. Later Ilkhanate rulers, beginning with Ghazan in 1295, embraced Islam.

Mongol empire u of calgary

Siege of Baghdad

The Siege of Baghdad, occurring from January 29 until February 10, 1258, entailed the investment, capture, and sacking of Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate, by Ilkhanate Mongol forces and allied troops. The Mongols were under the command of Hulagu Khan, brother of the khagan Möngke Khan, and had intended to further extend their rule into Mesopotamia but not to directly overthrow the Caliphate. Möngke, however, had instructed Hulagu to attack Baghdad if the Caliph Al-Musta'sim refused Mongol demands for his continued submission to the khagan and the payment of tribute in the form of military support for Mongol forces in Iran.

More important than the books, however, was the loss of life. It is estimated that between 200,000 and 1,000,000 people were butchered in that one week of destruction. Baghdad was left completely depopulated and uninhabitable. It would take centuries for Baghdad to regain any sort of prominence as an important city.
The Abbasid Caliphate built the city of Baghdad in the 8th century as their capital, and it became the leading metropolis of the Arab and Muslim world for five centuries. Baghdad was the largest multicultural city of the Middle Ages, peaking at a population of more than a million

So the whole population was wiped out by mongols yet you want us to believe these imposter arabs have anything to do with ancient peoples?

The Mongol Il-Khanate established by Hulagu’s descendants would rule over Persia, Iraq, and Anatolia for over 100 years. Over decades and centuries, the Mongols in Southwest Asia slowly converted to Islam and became absorbed in a Persian/Turkish culture. But there is no denying the immense negative effect the Mongols had on the Muslim world in the 1200s.
lostislamic history dot com

Notice how Mongols never were absorbed by iraqis like in persia and turkey? why, because they murdered them all.

Mongols or chinese are more iraqi than alot of the fake turko white arab of today pretending to be iraqi.

Pretending history doesn't exist is what you do. That is why your not believeable.

Huns (largely a mongoloid or asiatic/chienese people)

Selucid and turks both use to own iraq. the turks themselves are originally a mongoloid people, the original turks come from china and mongolia and were called go-turks pronounced go tourouks. The modern turks of turkey are white looking because of admixture with whites. Turks from the other turkic nations are not white and look asian like the turkmenistan peoples of central asia and other turkmen and turkmeni nations.

Malmuks were a break away turk group made up of turks and white slaves from eastern europe. The turks were big time slave masters, primarily of white people and it was them who had large harems of women, mainly white women to show their power. Eventually you end up with alot of mix breed children. And since many turks had white/light skin to begin with, you get east europeans of today with white skin but often slanty eyes or asian type hair.

Delusion and racism are too very bad diseases to have. The modern middle eastern people (particularly those from iraq, iran, turkey and ones colonized by turks, huns and mongols owe a significant portion of their civilization to chinese raced peoples.)

But what now, are yu going to accuse me of asiancentrism? Get over it, modern middle eastern people are a fixed mix breed race. Colonized by blacks first, asians and whites later. Giving a modern race of people who are neither, white nor black nor asian but something between the 3 as they are mixed.

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