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Monday, 10 February 2014

Question about european jews

A reader asked what my opinion was on European jews.
"I read that Ashenazi Jews have no mesopotamian DNA, that they were actually Eastern European converts with no ancient Hebrew bloodlines. Do you think this is true? Thanks for any response."

Well its a big debate. The dna studies I recall seeing said that the ashkenazi were white on the female line or basically 90%+white and the male line did actually relate to historical jews, I remember me and ahmose was arguing about it another thread, check it out.

I would not dismiss the concept of a large chunk of them being converts.

Although we were inclined to think the a.jews got their black blood in slavery in egypt, the timeline from the geneticist in the article I think I quoted said it lined up with their enslavement in babylon and that generally science and history has trouble supporting the theory of moses leading hundreds of thousands of jews out of egypt. I think the article did say that the jews who did go to egypt STAYED THERE in and around the aswan/elephantine region. but these people are not a.jews.

One of the issues is that when someone does argue that the a.jews are all converts they gt call ed a racist, so there is really a lack of scientist who are going deeply into it.

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