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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The originals people of East Asia were black part 2

I already disproved that myth, see my threads and post in response to a poster making similar claims about australia where I quote actual geneticist who show this to be demonstrably false. ironically none of the eurocentricks ever argues well the basque or finns aren't white because genetically and linguistically they are different from french and spaniards or their neighbors. 

When pointing out modern europeans have significant black ancestry based on dna or genetics the first response is they don't look black. They try to claim middle easterners when they have different genetics than white. Most whites are I or R when most middle easterners are J. Yet that does't seem to stop most whites from calling modern white looking near easterns white...

Black has never been limited to Africa and not all black africans are even in the same genetic haplogroup, Most in the northern and atlantic half are E. Most from the Congo on down Are A and B and o1. Strangely Mongols and north asians are mostly c and n but they get counted as closer to because they are mixed with black and the first person in asia were all blacks just like the first peoples i europe and the americas. So of course europeans will be closer to chadic peoples because the first europeans were chadic africans. It doesn't mean that the Nigerians are white.


Genetics clearly shows that the african madagascarians share a common O haplogroup with these people. 

The real question is why do significant portions of china not even have the same dna group and why do mongols and so much of the sam eeast asian race have different haplogroups yet much of south asia is closer to africans in dna where there mongol brethren have virtually no visible african admixture? This simply demonstrates that the asians have black admixture.

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