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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

When did white people enter europe and where do white people come from

, I demonstrate using the words from turko-arab prime minister of Oman who admitted the original arabs were black and modern turko arabs are just people from turkey who came during the ottoman empire colonial period and european colonialism.

Whites didn't even start entering europe before 1000 bc and whites admit this from the kurugan model. Whites have no civilization that is why they steal it from every black group who looks nothing like them.

The anglo-saxon people of today are not even native or indigenous nor have anything to do with britain in antiquity. The typical white brit of today is an anglo-saxon
combination of several white tribes who migrated into england during the mid-medieval period

Basically germanic tribes whose history in europe starts around 3-4 ad.
The inhabitants of britain prior to this time were not even white for the most part and several roman and greek historians attest to this. There were no anglo saxons when the romans arrived the people were called britons and the roman emperor at that time septimus severus was black.

The reality is europe is more black in its history than white. The white central asians from kazakstan who invaded europe with wave of germanic and slavic invasions homeland is as albino afghanis.

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