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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

White Egyptian admits the ancients were black.

White egyptian and egyptologist Robert Bauval says ancient egyptians are black

“Black Genesis offers astounding new insights as Bauval and Brophy forcefully support, with hard data, the radical idea that Egyptian civilization was the outgrowth of a sophisticated Black African culture that existed thousands of years prior to the earliest known pharaohs. Their book is a must read for anyone interested in genuinely understanding the true origins of ancient Egypt and the dynamics of how civilizations develop.”
(Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., author of Voyages of the Pyramid Builders and Pyramid Quest)

“Readers of Black Genesis will never think of ancient Egypt in the same way again. Bauval and Brophy make the case that this venerable civilization was originated by Black Africans from the Sahara Desert and that the pyramids, the statues, and the hieroglyphs were the result of their knowledge and ingenuity. The authors trace the series of errors and misjudgments that have obscured the origins of this remarkable civilization. It is time for the record to be set straight, and Black Genesis is the book that may well do it. This is an authoritative, excellent, well-written book.”
(Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Saybrook University and coauthor of Personal Mythology)

“In Black Genesis, Bauval and Brophy combined their investigative skills to answer an obvious but often-neglected question, “Who were the ancient Egyptians?” With new astroarchaeological evidence they build a strong case for “The African origin of the pharaohs” and have dramatically altered our understanding of the past.”
(Anthony T. Browder, author and independent Egyptologist)
on Black Genesis: The Prehistoric Origins of Ancient Egypt

All you have is yurco, and yurco's evidence is scant and he gave contradicting evidence on the population of egypt

Here is what Egyptologist Frank Yurco says about the Coptics:

Yes, Egyptologists do consider the ethnicity of the Egyptians, but in
a rational way without the flaming that is seen in many postings in this
issue. To the Egyptian who considered any dark complexioned Egyptians
as descendants of Nubians or Sudanese, have you ever travelled from
Luxor to Aswan? There the entire population is dark brown in complexion.
Yet can you write them all off as descendants of Sudanese? Hardly. They
are Egyptians and that they have been that complexion for thousands of
years is demonstrated by New Kingdom paintings of the Theban population,
then just as dark brown as now, for instance, in Sennedjem's tomb at
Deir el-Medinah. So, what we have is a very diverse population in Egypt,
light complexioned in the north, and gradually darkening as you proceed
south. Another myth that needs exploding is that all Copts are light
complexioned. Ever meet a Copt from Luxor or Aswan? They are as brown
as the rest of the population there. I lived three years in Luxor and
have travelled extensively in Egypt, so I speak from experience.
Again, surveying the ancient monuments can be instrutive

Most sincerely,
Frank J. Yurco
University of Chicago

Frank Joseph Yurco fjyurco@midway.uchic

Frank Yurco later continues with explaining the hair texture of Upper Egyptians Coptics and Muslims:

Finally, the posters have lurched into the truth on the issue of who the ancient Egyptians were. Yes, Upper Egyptians, Copts and Muslims alike are dark complexioned, and their hair varies from wavy to kinky. Certainly, in the ante-bellum American South, they would have been classed with the other Africans who were enslaved. That ante-bellum southern image is still common in the United States, where if you have any African ancestors you are classed as "b;ack". Yet, how screwed up the Americans are is evident by how the census bureau deals with Egyptians who migrate to the United States. They are classed as "white" no matter how brown they appear!!!
Most sincerely, Frank J. Yurco University of Chicago -- Frank Joseph Yurcofjyurco@midway.uchic

Frank Yurco further explains about Coptics in Cairo:

As I have mentioned before, Copts
are found in all parts of Egypt, and those in Luxor to Aswan area are
indeed very brown complexioned, just as are their Muslim compatriots in
that part of Egypt. Farther north, you will find lighter complexioned
Copts, and again Muslims also. In the Cairo area, they tend to be very
light complexioned. That, as with the rest of the Egyptian population
has led to the confusing remarks.

Most sincerely,
Frank J. Yurco
University of Chicago

Frank Joseph Yurco fjyurco@midway.uchic

Yurco just couldn't admit they were black outright, he just did it in a round about way by saying they'd count as black in the usa south.

Among the foreigners, the Nubians were closest ethnically to the Egyptians.
The evidence regarding these features of ancient Egyptians comes from literature, anthropology, mummies, sculptures, paintings andinscriptions—all left by the ancient Egyptians themselves.For example, the mummies and skeletons of ancient Egyptians indicate they were Africans of the Afro-Asiatic ethnic grouping (theterm “Afro-Asiatic” has displaced the less accurate designation “Hamitic”). This is the population of northern Africa, the Shara andsub-Sahara regions. Their physical features vary as described above. No doubt, many darker-colored Egyptians would be called black in our modern race conscious terminology.
Closer to Nefertiti is the mummy of Thutmose IV, who reigned from 1419 to 1386 B.C.E. He had wavy hair and Egypto-Nubian facialfeatures
Some modem Afro-Americans, particularly those with mixed racial ancestry, will find that they look like some ancient (and modern)Egyptians. Should they travel to Egypt, they may find that in terms of their complexion they resemble people of a particular region of Egypt. This is no accident; there has been racial or ethnic intermingling in both instances. For the Afro-American, has beenrelatively recent in Egypt it has been a slow process lasting thousands of years, as far back into prehistory as can be gauged
Not that I agree with Yurco, but he doesn't support the white Egypt theory clearly. He claims Nubians are closest ethnically to the egyptians and that many black americans look like egyptians and that many of them are black and science shows they were africans. Not even the eurocentrics are holding onto the white egypt or dark white egypt theory.

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