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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Are the white countries the best ones.... a reader thinks so.... is it true?

if the happiest countries are the white onees why do the white ones have the highest rate of suicide and depression?

While the majority of inhabitants of Canada are white it was largely built by black americans who moved into Canada after the us revolutionary war.

Iceland economy collapsed so that is a joke to even mention.

Funny how you left out the majority and most populous white countries like Russia, which is a complete sheeit hole.

It actually takes quiet some time to build wealth buy many african countries have higher living standards than their euorpean counterparts. And you think Norway has low crime? As someone who use to live in Oslo, I can tell you it has some of the most robberies and break and enters and I would regularly see articles like Oslo has more crime than nyc in the newspaper. And the police commisioner blamed baltic and lithiuanian criminals for the crime problem. Most the white countries are collapsing and depend on black immigrants to prevent total collapse from poor demographic decisions. They are not self sustaining but actually dependent on black people to prevent total demographic collapse like in east europe. And they are still going to collapse anyways because there economies were not very good.

The highest rape nations are all white, the highest violent crime nations are all white, the poorest people in europe are all white rural people. The colored people have more money. The black people in Canada often live in cities and make good money. The average white often lives in a rural area with poor access to basic resources. I'm not buying your claim. There are rich whites in Toronto too. But the average white canadian is some poor rural white canadian live in some sheeit hole up north. Its not mistake the city with the most black people is the richest one.

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