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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Are black people dumber than whites? Where did Aids come from

A reader told me this, so lets see if it is true.

So if black people are dumber explain why all whites are not billionaires.

The statistics on crime do not reflect total crime, they reflect who is being stopped by police, arrested, convicted by a majority white populous. If you had black police officers, black judges, and all black juries and experts, I suspect the outcome or statistic might like look very different. You have a 51% chance of getting away with a crime. So the data set is inherently bias to 49% of the total criminals. White criminals often seem to get away with their crimes for extended periods of time suggesting they are unlikely to get caught. You have the ice man killer who is white and has killed over 100 people. Why was he not caught at #1 ?

Look at the stop and frisk program it is not being employed in the white majority areas where drug use is known to be extraordinaryly high like white college students on college campuses or white people down in manhattan. Imo, objective crime data would probably show whites commit far more crime. if the white collar crime that lead to the financial collapse was treated like street crime, jail would be about 95% white today. The failure of the government to prosecute white criminals doesn't = blacks > more crime.

That be like if Obama passed an executive order banning the trial of any black criminal and let all the black people go and then someone black pointed out and said whites commit all the crime, that is why jail is 100% white.

Frankly if whites were so good at generating wealth why are the majority of the white countries broke today? Most white people are in east and central europe and with the exception of Germany and a few major cities that are really multiracial rather than white like Paris or London the rest of europe is a giant doodoo whole. A place like portugal is more ghetto than detroit. Have you even seen how poor europeans are compard to americans, why do you think they are trying to come here? Funny that the white nations people are trying to immigrate to the two WEstern country built entirely by black americans. You'd think after all that slave trade money, portugal and spain wouldn't be dead broke, but Portugal has been begging Angola and Brazil for money which is of course ironic as Angola's economy has surpass Portugal and Portuguese are now moving to Mozambique for work.

As for HIV, well HIV is a lab created virus to kill of non-northern europeans as part of a population control program because African governments refuse to take the "china deal" of one child policy. It didn't exist until american scientist showed up and started "mass vaccination" programs. 15% of Northern Europeans are immune to the virus and lack a bonding receptor and cannot get it, another 15% are highly resistant. The only way for a northern european to get hiv or aids is to be an iv drug user sharing aids needles, get a blood transfusion, or be homosexual (they on average have something like 250-500 sexual partners). The claim of a man got it eating a monkey can't be believed because those people who eat monkeys have done it for something like 100,000+ years and didn't get aids before. As well its known that saliva destroys the aids virus which is why you can't get aids through kissing.

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