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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Black Australia and Black Africa share dna O link

The other yellow group on the map on the east coast with high O is the betsimisaraka

Another Eastern group with high O the "Type Bezanozano"

Betesilo another eastern O group

Another eastern group in the north the antankarna

There is no a person here who wouldn't count as black and genetically they are 60% O or more.

Bara women, the only other major group in the east i did not yet cover

Really? Your going to say they ain't black now? It is actually the blackest looking people who are closest genetically to the australians and its because the australians are black, well the original ones anyway. The lighter skin ones are probably the san and light skin tropical africans who moved in their later. Both groups are black, only the arab migrants and indian slaves and people who mixed with white colonialist are not black.

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