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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Blacks of Madagascar.... Reader Response Question.

I could go on and on but this map basically shows every indigenous group but the marina are black and the marina are from the central region and have lower O than the eastern peoples who tend to be the most black looking.

Its really irrelevent because africans and austronesians are all black.

Your comments probably come from a place of immaturity or lack of knowledge and travel.

When you realize many black africans especially in southern africa have naturally wavy hair like so

And many khoi san look like so

When you Nigerians who look like so

it makes no sense to start claiming anyone with a slant eye is automatically asian

And lastly the people of indonesia today, many of the non-black ones were brought there from china as slaves by white dutch; just like how han chinese were brought to the philipines by spain, or taiwan by the english and macau by the portuguese. The people your showing may not have been their in antiquity, which would explain why indonesians are basically light yellow skinned asian while their neighbours in papua new guinea are still mostly dark skinned blacks. Even if allof madagascar came from indonesia, they'd still be black because the han chinese weren't enslaved by the dutch yet to go trade marbles and silver for fine china because the emperor of china did not allow white people into china, because he correctly assumed any white foreigner was there for the sole purpose of spying and using trade as a cover. The white response was to kidnap millions of chinese and enslave them in neighbouring nations and displace the black indigenous peoples of taiwan, philipines, indonesia etc with the more numerous han who could be send on slave missions. This is why the china trade was so profitable.

And black people cannot have a thin nose or hook nose, only whites can

dark white but only you can see it  Strangely he did not take on the white/light skin color because he is a secret mulatto... only you can see it.

Madagascarians closest to east africans genetically
Table 2
Pairwise Genetic Distances (FST) to the Malagasy on the Basis of Y-Haplogroup Frequencies

Population Location Distance (FST)
East Africaa .083
Banjarmasin .094
Kota Kinabalu .102
Taiwan .170
Majuro .237
Philippines .249
Vanuatu .276
Western Samoa .283
Papua New Guinea .313
Kapingamarangi .316
Cook Islands .386
aFrom the publication by Luis et al. (2004).

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