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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Ancient Egyptians were black

The ancient Egyptians viewed themselves as indigenous to Africa. They were a southern oriented people because the nile is one of the few rivers that flow from south to north. They believed the gods lived in the south and that is where they originated from in their own history. 11 Roman and Greek historians describe the ancient egyptians as more or less black people. I have 3 threads called the ancient egyptian fraud series, you can click on the link in my sig and use the search funtion to view them, also the grand kushtu. There is alot of information, read it, and any questions get back to me, although it will probably answer all your quesitons if you read it all.

Egyptologist study this stuff, African historians, people with degrees in african studies, people with degrees in near eastern studies, anthropologist, and sometimes people with no degrees in the area at all! Well Cheik Ante Diop basically proved that the ancient Egyptians were black as far as the field of Egyptology is concerned. Most other scholars today simply either glance over it or don`t want to discuss it because most white people have negative as in less than zero interest in studying black civilization, particularly ones portrayed as black. Frankly if whites never had scientific racism and never lied and said the ancient egyptians were non-black, egypt would probably have gone the way of nubia and Kushtu and just been largely ignored like most other major black civilization (hattie, elam, sumeria, etc). Keita definetly says the ancient egyptians were black, I just don`t know what he says on elam, hattie, sumeria (as this thread isn`t about egypt).

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