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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Greatest Empire you probably never heard of

Larger than Genghis Khan's might Mongols Empire and Greater than Cesaer's Rome, I present you the Greatest Empire known to man, and if you were not an expert in history or antiquities your probably missed it. Described as the great Ethiopian empire that colonized the entire world by the greatest investigators and experts of their time; ranging from Rawlinson to Evans to Massey to Higgins, From Dixon to MacRitchie and Sergi. Most experts of the best experts of the 1800s agree that a great African empire, of black Africans, existed at some point in the then known pre-history who colonized the entire world, discovered and civilized all the nations of the planet and is indeed the link between all the great ancient civilizations from Sumeria to Egypt to Kush to India, Greece and Rome. These people were not only the creators and founder founders of Western civilization, or Eastern Civilization. They are the creators and founders of all human civilizations known to man and even the ones who have been lost to the ravages and savages of history. They are that which separates modern man from over 50,000 years of nomadic savagery and barbarity and troglodytic cave dwellers, the people who lifted the entire world out of the stone age and into civilization. The inventors of exploration, mathematics, sciences, medicines, history, herstory, travel, art, culture, writing, poetry, religion, law, justice, linguistics, trade, geography geology, economics and education. Grand Kushtu and the Afrikitics.

As for why Europe is not still black. Well I thought you might ask that

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