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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The berber issue - reader response

So you admit that North Africans are lying about their ancestry when 99-98% of them call themselves arab?
-You say moroccans were indigenous berbers who were arabicsized, can you explain what that term means to you?
You claim Moroccans are non black but dna haplogroups tell us differently, did you forget that whipping I gave you over in the other thread

Morocans have 65% e1b1b, the second highest of any nation, originating in Horn of Africa 25 kya
-Algeria has it at 55%
-Egypt 45%
-Tunisia 50%
-Libya 50%

And for e1b1a ; same origins in east africa
-algeria 5%
-libya 5%
-morocco 5%

So Moroccans are indigenous white berbers with 70% black sub-saharan african dna? Explain your way out of that one. What did you have amnesia that a beat you in why white people hate blacks with all those peer reviewed papers showing that the north africans of today are mix of turks and blacks?

Arab isn't a race its a language. I do agree the sudanese are amongt the original black arabs.
-No I proved modern North Africans, lie about their ancestry and call themselves arabs, which even you admit they aren't and deny their blackness. I proved modern moroccans have 70% black dna and lie about it.
-I have always said these people were turko arabs mixed breeds and I proved they were turko-arabs as they very similar genetic profiles. Did not have arab genes.

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