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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Eurocentricks are now in retreat from Egypt

Nubian Wig was in the vogue.

A Nubian wig is a form of headdress worn by ancient Egyptians which is thought to imitate the thick hairstyles of the Nubian peoples (of modern Sudan), who were at various times incorporated into the Egyptian kingdom.The wig partly resembles the modern Afro hairstyle, but is most typically represented as a built-up series of layers of tightly curled plaits.[1]
The style was especially popular during the 18th Dynasty, most notably during the reign of Pharaoh Akhenaten. The Nubian wig is most frequently associated with queen Kiya. It was also worn by Nefertiti and by the pharaoh's mother Tiye.[2]
The only surviving specimen from ancient Egypt is in the Cairo Museum. It was found beside the mummy of Tutankhamun's mother.

Even this article from the New York Times admitted their mistakes.

More recently, our own Western prejudices — namely the idea that geographic Egypt was not a part of “black” Africa — have contributed to the dearth of knowledge about Nubia. The early-20th-century archaeologist George Reisner, for instance, identified large burial mounds at the site of Kerma as the remains of high Egyptian officials instead of those of Nubian kings. (Several of Reisner’s finds are in the show, reattributed to the Nubians.)

In one of his catalog essays the archaeologist Geoff Emberling, who conceived the show along with Jennifer Chi of the institute, examines some of these historical errors.

“We now recognize that populations of Nubia and Egypt form a continuum rather than clearly distinct groups,” Mr. Emberling writes, “and that it is impossible to draw a line between Egypt and Nubia that would indicate where ‘black’ begins

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