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Monday, 10 February 2014

The original Asians are black

White folks insist these are dark asian people and not black

They cannot be black because they are not Africans, although they can trace their ancestors back to africa they are still not black. Despite looking negroid they are still not black because they are genetically closer to asians, but the chinese scientist tell us the first asians were blacks from africa 35,000 years ago.

All blacks must be from africa but But white south africans, white zimbabweans, white mozambiquans, white or dark white north africans from sudan, egypt, somalia, algeria, libya, mauritania, niger, tunisia, chad, white berbers, white kenyan and white zanzibarians are true africans even though they are not black are still true africans despite not being in central asia.

As well there exist a magical line of once blacks leave africa they become non-black. But when whites leave central asia they can continue to be white from europe, americas, china, east asia, "black africa" etc. Whites and dark whites can be anywhere and still be white (like south africa) even though many of these whites are closer to blacks than european whites genetically due and culturally due to miscegenation, or closer to asians than european whites they are still counted as white. Lots of these southern white people have black grand or great grandparents or native indian, but no one would say they are true whites bcause they are closer to blacks and indians.

But adaman islanders and black asians are not true blacks because they are closer to han chinese than blacks.

Black africans

non-black asians

"asian people"

But you can have

White Europeans

white africans

white asians

But blacks are limited to africa

They live in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and the Andaman Islands to the west. Of which the first they were the ONLY inhabitants of until the Spanish started bringing han chinese as SLAVES into the Philippines because whites were barred from entering china in the early colonial period, so han chinese were needed to conduct trade in the chinese interior. A similar thing happened in indonesia with the dutch, taiwan with the english and so on. This is why Papua new guinea is majority black looking whereas indonesia, colonized by the dutch as a major trading centre, is full of han chinese descendants. Although some of those non-black asians did arrive there before the dutch.

Travels of blacks into other regions

Basically, by staying largely in the tropical sphere, these people climate would not have changed, they would have african ancestry and for the most part "look black"
These were basically all groups of black people who go by different names

India: Dravidians
South East Asia: Negritos
New Guinea: Papuans, Melanesians
Australia: Aboriginals
South America: palaeoindians of 30,000 years ago

I agree with what you say, the ancient greeks were indeed black, check out my thread, why white people hate black people, I go into alot more detail there and I have the socrates statute in color!

Some people will never accept blacks could go outside africa, they are of the belief, once you leave africa you magically become non-black. Its a myth, there is no science to support it. As if africa had some magic that keeps and turns all of its inhabitants black that once you leave it, even to a hotter place like iraq or iran or other tropical reasons blacks become non-blacks.

I think some, black people and non-black people are programmed, they cannot think outside a narrow scope regardless of evidence points that way. If all you hear is shakespeare is english (whites don't even openly dare say he was white they say he was english, its a sneaky move- its like saying oscar pistorius is african to try to imply he is black) and I show you real shakespeare than what? You either accept you were lied to by teachers and parents or you just continue to deny and resort to strawmen and ad-hominem attacks. like
- you a black racist
- your a nut
- go back to bantu land
- effing abeed
- your a black monkey

- well modern (insert civilization) are not black-yet no where do I attempt to ever call a single one of these non-black turko arabs and albinoid people black
-they were not africans so they weren't black
-Its just modern folklore - but how do you explain away the evidence not related spoken word like skeletons, craniums, bones, archaeology, written history, linguistics, culture, observations from people who actually seen and been inside the ancient structures etc. Mass conspiracy from ancient times until now by whites and non black trying to prove ancient non-blacks as black to show black inferiority?

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