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Monday, 10 February 2014

What Race was Abraham? Black Asians and Black Mongols

Yes Abraham was mesopotamian. Even the "white ashkenazi jews" have trace amounts of black ancestry that the scientist believe come from their captivity in babylon. The ashkenazi line doesn't line up with the egyptian jews in prior era.

For the ancient chinese we have to be a little more careful, the early chinese were black as in neolithic, paleolithic and mesolithic, but when we come out the stone age, especially with the arrival of the han chinese you start getting a mixture and the han came into china way before whites left central asia.

Even by the mongol period we can see black still appearing in the art.

Black Chinese are disappearing through miscegnation with han chinese

Anti-african fools cannot accept evidence of ancient africans in china, even when peer reviewed chinese scientist by the dozens come out and say so

Early black chinese likely resembled the black san people of southern africa

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