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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Sahara desert is less than 6000 years old (4,000 bc).... eurocentricks are liars


Sahara desert in Africa 6000 BCE according to nasa satellites.

"Sub-saharan Africa" was not isolated because the sahara didn't exist until recently. It was actually the sahara's expansion that caused western civilization to exist, it was saharan africans who moved into asia, southern europe and egypt who brought new technology and gods and created all the ancient civilizations. This is why I said Sub-Saharan as a racial classification was bogus Eurocentrism as 6,000 years is not enough for large scale racial mutations to take place. And In 4,000 BC (6000 YEARS AGO) THE Sahara was just like the rest of Africa in terms of climate, there is no reason to believe they'd be non-black.

Sumeria is not linked to Western civilization, it rose and fell independently and frankly there isn't enough there to have influenced it because when the whites showed up around 1 ad and overwhelmed the place sumeria was long gone and what was left of it was largely pillaged.

As for Africans being uncivilizaed until the non blacks came its a joke, africa like every other part of the planet regressed when the barbic foreign invaders invaded

Ancient 'paint factory' unearthed

The kits used by humans 100,000 years ago to make paint have been found at the famous archaeological site of Blombos Cave in South Africa.

And of course you offer no explanation for why the sahara desert despite the nile river and several other major rivers that reach the med and go down to central africa would be a barrier despite humanoids being found in the region going back 6 million years. You also offer no explaation how man could go to australia which is basically a giant desert and thrive and cross and populate it all using stone age technology but iron working africans with boats larger than that of colombus or the largest viking boats couldn't

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