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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Why do white people want to claim Europe when they come from central Asia?

Half the roman emperors were black anyways, the etruscan the pre-roman italians and the greeks were all black anyways. The whites have no civilization independent of black people. Just look at East Europe, it has collapsed and is WORSE than Africa, HIGHEST SUICIDE RATE IN THE WORLD. They'd rather kill themself than live in a world without black people. The reason us white people hate blacks isn't because of racism, it is because we hate ourselves so much that the only way for us to not end up like russia and slitting are risk or drinking ourselves to death is to hate black people all day.

The capital of greece is called athens note the s, it is plural, not singular. There are multiple athens. Its named after athena, a greek god borrowed from the egyptia nieth. When black africans called garamantes and carians came into greece there wer eno white people. They brought with them everything that would become greece. Athens was originally called nia and then later changed to athena then athens and finally athen. It is not an indo-european word but an african one. It'd be like the capital of America being called Ra but denying its egyptian.

I would also add tht most of the whites today were not in europe but central asia, they are johnny come lately's and have nothing to do with rome or greece. Just trying to steal black civilizations as usual. Ask why white people don't want to claim their true central asian ancestors, and you'll start finding some interesting answers. Ask who are white people and where do they really come from. Interestingly turko-arabs like lamaworm want to tell blacks were they are from. But have no interest in their central asian turkoid ancestors... why?

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