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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The white skinned arabs are not indigenous to the middle east

Most studies I seen say modern nubians are closer to ancient egyptians than modern egyptians. There is also increasing evidence linking particularly the armana tested to central africans. king tuthmose the third however was e1b1a making him closer to west africans like yourba who worship the same gods and also engaged in pyramid building that closely resembled the mastabas (Early egyptian pyramid)

MLI*for*World*Region * Thuya* Yuya* KV35EL* Amen‐
hotep*III* KV55* KV35YL* Tut* Average*
Southern*African* 359.72* 34.48* 20.73* 108.53* 174.90* 71.17* 1,519.03* 326.94*
African*Great*Lakes* 233.49* 35.53* 20.87* 222.53* 381.30* 44.58* 1,328.01* 323.76*
Tropical*West*Africa n* 142.84* 8.91* 6.93* 37.43* 53.03* 22.99* 314.00* 83.74*
Horn*of*Africa* 14.65* 0.79* 5.17* 12.03* 4.54* 22.00* 44.35* 14.79*
Sahelian* 39.14* 0.74* 5.76* 2.97* 4.40* 16.85* 30.41* 14.33*
Levantine* 0.40* 1.56* 0.66* 10.30* 6.07* 8.40* 21.08* 6.92*
Aegean* 0.12* 0.35* 0.87* 9.06* 7.05* 20.16* 9.85* 6.78*
Arabian* 0.12* 0.42* 0.70* 5.58* 2.83* 21.41* 10.91* 6.00*
Northwest*European* 0.21* 0.28* 1.26* 3.99* 10.41* 15.01* 5.33* 5.21*
Mediterranean* 0.08* 0.23* 0.74* 4.54* 5.81* 16.80* 6.04* 4.89*
North*African* 2.22* 0.21* 0.75* 3.39* 3.25* 12.63* 6.55* 4.14*
Mesopotamian* 0.06* 0.41* 0.63* 6.24* 2.69* 11.54* 5.27* 3.84*
Tribes dna tested several mummies and found they are closest to great lake africans and south africans followed by tropical west africans then horners and so on. It actually varies quiet a bit but modern north africans are at the very bottom (no surprise there they are not from africa and were not there before a few hundred years ago for the most part). From the map which I do not kno how to get here, it is clear where most the dna is coming from its basically 1 big circle over central africa, 1 medium circl over southern africa and a small circle over West Africa

Yeah I'm fully aware of the Arab conquest. But you know, I really respect that you have taken the time to educate yourself on this topic. I know about the migration patterns out of Africa but not much about the race of these people. I am being biased because I have no desire to bridge that connection between Black and the middle east. And outside of an academic context, I see no real value in it.

All those people descended from slaves that were brought to that region. I have never read anything that ever suggested modern Black Iraqis were "indigenous" but that they are all descendants of slaves. I will take your word for it though
This is a myth. I have met native black iraqis, black iranians and black middle easterns all over. While many black people were brought to the arab countries during the slave trade, what the white/arab historians neglect to say is that during the Ottoman and arab slave trade far more whites were brought in as slaves or were forced to resettle into then worthless land from east europe. This is why modern arabs have such high amounts of european dna.

I have a post written extensively on just use the search function.

Dr. Wesley Muhammad ph.d in Islamic Studies

The Ancient Black Arabs 
Anu M'Bantu 

Basically white (in the broadest sense of the word including modern turko arabs) had to invent a false history making all blacks as slaves in every nation to hide their true slave history. Because if they conceed just 1 civilization be it, ethiopia, egypt, or kush was black, they end up having to admit what I say. So you either accept all blacks are savages and perpetual victims of history or you accept the truth below.

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