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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Modern "races" are not from climate

I had a reader claim that (turko) arabs were millions of years old and had been living in Arabia for millions of years

Being an idiot is a dangerous thing

Earth Millions of years ago

So I assume these mystical arab peoples who roamed with Neogene animals also had gills?

Claim white Saudis or not black Saudis brought as slaves by ottoman turks as sex slaves are true or natives arabs is a joke. Why would Saudi Arabians be white skinned in the 2nd hottest nation on the planet.

Top 10 Hottest Countries In The World
If you are looking for the list of hottest Countries in the world, maybe for a holiday, or the best places for a tan, you’ve come to the right place. We have gone through the top 10 hottest countries in the world judging by the maximum recorded temperature, and the weather on an average day.
10. Mexico: The North American nation has hot weather most of the year round, and has regular instances of very high temperatures reaching as high as 50°C.
9. Somalia: Hot temperatures are constant in Somalia all year round, and with little to no rain, Somalia experiences average temperatures of around 35°C.
8. India: India experiences a range of different climates, and temperatures, although the country often reaches temperatures exceeding 40°C. Also, India also experiences a lot of ran due to the Monsoon, but high temperates are persistant.
7. Sudan: Sudan is mostly desert land, but is a very hot country. It often exceed temperatures of 45°C, and has little to no rain year round.
6. Oman: This is a very hot country with very few instances of rain. Recorded temperatures of 54°C have been logged in Oman in the summer, and even in the mild winters, temperatures still reach 25°C. It is known to be on of the hottest countries in the world
5. Iran: This is a Middle Eastern Nation, and has quite a range of climate zones, with cold weather in the northern part of the country, yet hot temperatures everywhere else. In the summer, the temperatures often exceed 40°C, with little rain.
4. Algeria: Algeria is known for being on of the hottest countries in the world. Although Algeria is blessed with rain and cool lights, the temperatures in the day time often soar above 50°C in the summer time, and remains a hot 25°C during winter.
3. Iraq: With incredibly hot summers, Iraq’s temperatures often soar into the 50°C bracket, and is a very hot place to live. Even during winter, the temperatures remain in the 20-30°C region.
2. Saudi Arabia: This is known for being an incredible hot country, with its desert climate and very high temperatures. It is mostly desert, with a few valleys in between. There is barely any rainfall, and temperatures are often reaching 52°C.
1. Libya: Here we have it, the world hottest known country, Libya. It has extremely hot temperatures, and is a mass of desert, with erratic and inconsistent rainfall. Libya currently holds the record for the hottest recorded temperature, at an incredible 58°C, skin blistering temperatures.

Your claim is race evolves from climate. Yet the hottest countries include your so called white saudi arabia, dark white libya, dark white iraq etc. If people in Kenya or Congo are black from moderate tropical climates how can hot desert people who probably didn't even wear much clothes for most of history (As supported by the art pieces most of the men are tpless), how are they going to be non black. It makes no sense (like all your arguments.

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