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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

When did Whites take over Asia and Greece

Ottoman turks colonize europe

Fall of Byzantine to Sultan Memmed leader of the ottomans

Moors Colonize Europe

And become rulers throughout all of Europe as far as Latvia and russia

Carthage in Europe

Hunnic colonize Europe

Persians +Sassinds


And they advanced all the way to germany, POland and finland ie
econd Mongol invasion of Poland

Nubians/Egyptians take Europe
It is clear from historical accounts that Taharqa was one of the greatest Ancient Egyptian pharaohs. He was described by the Ancient Greek historian Strabo, as having advanced on Europe and even as far as the Pillars of Hercules in Spain. This feat alone would count him among the greatest military tacticians of the ancient world. Later Spanish legendary chronicles (Florian de Ocampo's Cronica General, published 1553) also identify "Tarraco" as general of an Ethiopian army that supposedly campaigned in Spain in the 7th century BC before becoming Pharaoh. This event has also gives account for the name of the Spanish city of Tarraco (Tarragona).

In biblical depictions, he is the saviour of the Hebrew people, as they were being besieged by Sennacherib (Isaiah 37:8-9, & 2 Kings 19:8-9). In modern times, the Sudanese people consider Piankhi and Taharqa as historical figures and regarded more than the other pharaohs from the Twenty-fifth dynasty of Egypt.

And then you have grand kushtu and afrikitics.

I'm not really a proponent of race nor race theory or racial supremacy. But one could make such an argument that could be quiet compelling, especially in light of the fact that most West European nobility were black and mulattos and not white.

No one knows why us whites have developed this type of skin. In another thread I detail that 80% of white children got rickets during the industrial period. A disease from lack of sun and vitamin d, yet no such occurence is reported of black people living in cold environments ie. blacks living in russia or alaska or canada or northern europe. White skin is POORER at absorbing vitamin d from sun than black skin. This is evident from the dog house test. White surfaces reflect sun rays/heat at 90%. Black surfaces absorb sun race at 90%. Hence in a climate with little sun black skin is an advantage because you absorb more sun rays and vitamin d. This is why the majority of artic peoples from Russia like the nenets and native indians of the russian far east, the eskimo, even of greenland and americas, and the aluetians are all dark brown skinned people. Northern europe was not inhabited before 8000 bc during the last ice age for obvious reasons.

I don't think there is a better race, we are all just humans. But biological, one must conceed, blacks have been given a clear biological advantage in living on the planet. Whites suffer from more rare diseases. We must have our foods heavily fortified with vitamin d just to avoid getting rickets or other diseases. Yet black people like Nelson Mendela or Robert Mugabe in Africa live to a very old age despite having been imprisoned and mistreated their whole lives. White people with an easy life like Nixon, or LBJ or the Kennedy and clintons, seem to be affected by a host of diseases.

While it is true Cristiobal Colon was indeed a white Italian man, the navigator of the ship that landed in the americas was a black Spaniard called Pedro Nino Alonso who had learned to sail to the americas from Malians who did it about 200 years earlier and landed in Brazil.

Whites have never really had a true indigenous civilzation prior to about 200-150 years ago. This is not due to black superiority but rather the black race is probably 50-60 thousands years older. Whites do have civilizations to be proud of but alot of the history being taught is more fantasy than reality to make some low self esteem whites feel good and some video game head blacks keeping being video game and tv heads. It is really quiet obvious, when you look in American history, there is a deep rooted fear of a black messiah. No one fears the jew messiah, the mexican messiah, the white messiah or the pink messiah, it is all about another black leader like mehmed or taharqa or hannibal etc. I incur you to study history. White racism is about fear of a black man taking over and nothing else. But the reality is rule of the black man brought white man out of wild trogloditery and barbarity and boorishry into civiliations

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